A Closer look at Corpse Husband’s sexuality

Corpse Husband is an American Internet personality who rose to fame for his horror narration on YouTube. Husband launched his YouTube channel in 2015, and gradually gained followers for narrating fan stories with his low-pitched voice. Corpse is chronically ill, with one of his conditions, GERD, partially causing his voice to become deeper.

Husband narrated horror stories for five years before rebranding in 2020. He immersed himself into music, then into gaming. In 2020, Corpse started playing the mystery game Among Us alongside other YouTubers. The move to gaming has since earned him over 7 million subscribers on YouTube.

This piece will look at Corpse’s sexuality. Corpse Husband is not gay.

Corpse frequently points out other attractive men, but he is straight

Corpse Husband is no stranger to pointing out that a man is attractive. Some of his comments about men have fueled speculation that he is gay. However, he has made it clear that he is straight. In response to an Instagram question about his sexuality, Corpse said:

“People think I’m not [straight] because I am not afraid to say when another guy is attractive. To me it’s really funny when hypermasculine guys are too insecure to even verbalize that they recognize that another man is remotely attractive.”

Husband and fellow gamer Sykkuno occasionally flirt online; therefore, fans have coined the name Corpsekkuno as the duo’s ship name. Some might see the shipping as fun and games, but popular streamer Sean ‘Jacksepticeye’ McLoughlin has a different opinion.

The Corpse Sykunno ship came up in one of his streams, and he was adamant that fans should stop shipping real-life people. He drew from his ship experience with his good friend Marcus Markiplier Fischbach. In his opinion, things always get sexual, leading to awkward moments between people who are just friends. He said:

“Let is stay dead and buried. Especially real life people cause it’s weird and you know what always happens? It always gets sexual. Every time. I had it happen with me and Mark. Didn’t like it. I said ‘please don’t make it sexual’ and then people made it more sexual. When I said I didn’t like it, people said I was being homophobic for saying I didn’t want to be shipped with my male friend.”

Husband has a huge LGBTQ+ following due to his outspoken support for the community

On 20th January 2020, most of the world had its eyes fixed on Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ inauguration. However, a significant portion of the internet had another thing on its mind. The hashtag #LGBTforcorpse trended on Twitter alongside Biden’s inauguration.

Why? You may ask. Well, the LGBTQ+ community spontaneously decided to show their support for the YouTuber. Corpse has regularly voiced his support for the LGBTQ+ community. Even when he has inadvertently messed up, he has found a way to bounce back.

In October 2020, there were calls to cancel Corpse after he used the word ‘dyke’ while narrating a fan story. At the time of narration, Corpse didn’t know about the insensitive meaning behind the slur. Husband swiftly posted an apology via Twitter stating:

“I wanted to show the struggles of what trans people go through. And I support trans people. In the video, I read the word out loud, and I realize now that I shouldn’t have done that. I didn’t realize the severity of the word or I obviously wouldn’t have said it.”

Corpse concluded by thanking his followers and stating that he’d taken the video down. Despite calls to cancel him, the responses to his apology video were mostly positive. One top comment read;

“As a lesbian who has experienced being called the d word I forgive him because first he didn’t give a half-assed apology. I’m pretty sure he weighed his words and thought of them and second, he apologized as soon as he understood what he did, and third, it obviously took a lot of him.”