A closer look at Lil Darkie’s sexuality

Lil Darkie (real name: Joshua Jagan Hamilton) is a controversial American musician who gained fame for creating music videos in animated form. The trap metal artist also caught the eye for his controversial lyrics and unapologetic attitude towards people he offended.

Darkie has founded music groups such as Gunk Rock, The Faggets, and Spider Gang. Lil Darkie has 193K subscribers on his channel, but due to his association with channels such as Spider Gang, Lil Darkie commands a wider fan-base. He is sporadically active on Instagram, but has managed to gain an impressive 286K followers.

Lil Darkie is bi-sexual.

Lil Darkie explained that he doesn’t mean any harm with his homophobic slurs

Via a candid March 2020 video, Lil Darkie stated that he is bisexual. He went on to talk about his penchant for blurting out homophobic slurs and why people shouldn’t take him seriously. Lil Darkie explained:

“I know what I am. If you call me a racial slur or you say a racial slur or you call me a homophobic slur, or you say a homophobic slur as a joke, I am not going to be offended by the use of those words because I don’t believe in giving those words power.”

Darkie said that when he uses a word like ‘tranny,’ he means no offense to trans people because he loves and is attracted to some trans people. “I love transsexuals,” Lil Darkie said. “Hell, I am attracted to some transsexuals. The word itself doesn’t mean anything unless you give it that power.”

Lil Darkie acknowledged that his view might seem contradictory to some, but they should understand that he is not perfect.

Lil Darkie has kept his dating life hidden from public view

Lil Darkie’s decision to openly state his sexuality shocked many, as it is unusual for Darkie to be that open about his private life.

Darkie did reveal his sexuality, but he has kept other details about his love life secret.