A closer look at Tubbo’s sexuality

Toby Smith, famously known as Tubbo, is an English Twitch and YouTube streamer known for playing Minecraft as part of Dream SMP. Smith has close to 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube, but it’s on Twitch where he truly excels. The channel’s description describes it as a place for posting highlights and directs people to Twitch ‘if you want to see me [Tubbo] screw up live.’

Smith has 3.5 million followers on Twitch, with a large section of them subscribing in 2020. Tubbo started his Twtich journey in 2018 as a Skyblock gamer. He still plays Skyblock, but his content mainly centers on Minecraft.

There is no evidence to confirm that Tubbo is gay, but he does flirt with TommyInnit online

There is no evidence to support the rumors that Tubbo is gay. However, his flirts with TommyInnit are considered by some to be conclusive evidence of Tubbo’s sexuality.

Tubbo and TommyInnit became friends when Tommy raided Tubbo’s stream. At the time, they were both small Twitch streamers and have grown together on the platform. The pair play together a lot, and it’s common for the pair to flirt.

In one of the streams, Tubbo asked Tommy to go out on a date with him. After a long pause, Tommy said no. “You suck Tommy,” Tubbo exclaimed. In another stream, Tommy stated that his fans wanted him to kiss Tubbo.

Tommy stated that he doesn’t want to do it, much to Tubbo’s disappointment. In a subsequent stream, Tommy was visibly angry that Tubbo involved another person and not him while doing house decorations. “Who is this guy?! Tommy ranted. “He is wearing red and white – that’s my brand! That’s my brand you dipshit.”

We consider the above to be harmless flirting between friends meant to entertain their followers. Tubbo might not be gay, but he is a supporter of the gay community. “Gay Ptide,” he tweeted on 29th June 2020.

Tubbo keeps his private life away from the public eyes

YouTube gamers are famous for hiding their private lives, and Tubbo is no exception. His social media pages offer no clues as to who he might be dating or his sexual orientation. Tubbo is yet to announce anything on his streams, either.

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