A Complete Guide to Defeating Vorkath

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Who is Vorkath?

Vorkath, an undead Blue Dragon, stands as a solo-only boss. Players often engage in combat with him to reap substantial rewards in both coins and consistent drops. Encountering Vorkath is inevitable during Dragon Slayer II, but post-quest, you can face him repeatedly, albeit with increased power and health.


Find Vorkath on Ungael, accessible during and after the quest by conversing with Torfinn at the Rellekka docks. Various methods exist to reach him, with the optimal one involving teleporting to Lunar Isle via your house portal. This strategy allows you to prepare at the rightmost banker, ensuring a smooth transition. The Fremennik Elite diary offers an alternative method, eliminating the risk of being kicked off the island. Additional options include Fremennik Sea Boots, Enchanted Lyre, redirected House Tablet, or a Waterbirth Island Teleport.

Recommended Stats (Range)

– 90 Range

– 70 Defence

– 77 Prayer (Rigour unlocked)

For those unwilling to train Range further, 85 is acceptable, but higher levels enhance performance. Rigour, as the first upgrade, significantly boosts your chances of success at Vorkath.

Lowest Recommended Stats (Range)

– 80 Range

– 40/42 Defence (Blowpipe/DHCB)

– 44 Prayer

These minimal stats may suffice for the quest, but consider leveling up for improved efficiency. Rigour remains crucial for optimal results.

Recommended Stats (Melee)

– 85 Attack

– 90 Strength

– 85 Defence

– 70 Prayer

Maximize Strength for melee success, and ensure Piety is activated to expedite kills.

Range Gear

Tailor your gear to your financial capacity. Consider these options:

– Void: Ideal with a Dragon Hunter Crossbow (DHC) or Blowpipe and BGS combo, provided you have 90+ Range and Rigour.

– Elite Void: Recommended when using DHC, offering superior DPS and a valuable prayer bonus.

– Head: Choose Blessed Coif for Blowpipe, Archer’s Helm, or Verac’s Helm if range attacks pose a threat.

– Body/Legs: Opt for Blessed D’hide or Karil’s, with Black D’hide as a budget alternative.

– Feet: Blessed D’hide boots or Shayzien Boots 5 for affordability.

– Hands: Barrows Gloves for optimal results.

– Neck: Salve Amulet (ei) for Range, or Necklace of Anguish as an alternative.

– Back: Ava’s Accumulator or Assembler if available.

– Ring: Archers Ring (i), Brimstone Ring, or Ring of Suffering (i) based on affordability.

– Ammo: Rada’s Blessing 2+ or God Blessing, depending on your weapon.

Melee Gear

For melee enthusiasts, prioritize these gear selections:

– Head: Slayer Helm (on task) or Neitiznot Faceguard.

– Body/Legs: Bandos or Fighter Torso (budget option).

– Feet: Dragon Boots or Primordial Boots.

– Hands: Ferocious Gloves or Barrows Gloves.

– Neck: Amulet of Torture (on task) or Salve Amulet (e).

– Back: Fire Cape or Infernal Cape (if available).

– Ring: Berserker Ring (i) or Ring of Suffering (i), based on accessibility.

– Ammo: Rada’s Blessing 4 or God Blessing.


Vorkath employs various attacks, making it crucial to understand and counter each one effectively. These include Range, Mage, Melee, Dragonfire, Venom, Prayer Disable, Mortar, Acid, and Freeze attacks.

The Fight

Initiate the battle by activating boosting potions and Extended Super Antifire. Set your staff to autocast Crumble Undead and adjust your prayers based on your weapon of choice. For one-handed range weapons, use Protect From Missiles and the best Range prayer. For the Blowpipe, use Protect From Magic. For melee, use Protect From Magic and Piety. Keep moving during the acid phase and react promptly to Vorkath’s special attacks.

Item Retrieval

Should you meet an unfortunate demise, reclaim your items from Torfinn for a fee of 100k. This fee can be directly deducted from your bank.


Mastering certain techniques can enhance your efficiency and success rate:

– Combo Eat: Combine eating with drinking Prayer Potions to save time.

– Turn Off Prayer: Disable your prayer during special attacks to conserve prayer points.

– Don’t Pick Up Loot: Leave loot on the ground for multiple kills, but exercise caution.

– Tick Eat: Time your food consumption to eat during lethal attacks effectively.

– Woox Walk: A challenging technique involving continuous attacks during the acid attack.


Vorkath’s loot includes Blue Dragonhide, Superior Dragon Bones, and various valuable drops. Regular drops like Unfinished Dragon Bolts and rare items like Skeletal and Draconic Visage add to the potential earnings.

Armed with this guide, you possess the knowledge required to confidently face Vorkath. As you accumulate kills, the process becomes second nature. Embark on this lucrative adventure, and thank you for reading. When it comes to buying OSRS gold, U7BUY stands out as a dependable and secure platform, visit this site now!