A look at Emma Marie’s family, her YouTube career, and her boyfriend

Emma Marie is an American YouTuber who gained fame alongside her sister Ellie on the channel Emma & Ellie’s Family. Initially, Emma and Ellie were the main contributors to the channel, but as its following grew, the sisters’ mom and dad joined. So far, the family channel has 1.17 million subscribers.

Ellie and Emma branched out to form their individual channels to great success. Emma entertains her 1.32 million subscribers with vlogs, assumptions videos, Q&As, fashion hauls, and so much more. Her success seems all the more impressive considering that she only posts videos on weekends.

This piece will look at Emma’s family, her YouTube career, and her love life.

Emma’s biological dad is no longer in the picture, but she retains his last name

Emma Marie was born on 20th January 2004 in Ohio, USA. Unfortunately, her parent’s marriage started crumbling soon after her birth. Emma’s mom, Heather, and her biological dad attended the same college, but they didn’t meet because he was four years older than her.

Heather and Emma’s dad met years later and realized that they had a lot in common. They fell in love and eventually got married. The couple lived in Arizona for a while before returning to Ohio to be closer to friends and family. By all accounts, the couple had a happy marriage, but everything changed after Emma’s birth.

In a video titled The Truth about where is Emma’s dad, Heather explained that her ex-husband’s neglect of parental responsibility convinced her to pursue a divorce. She said that her ex-husband picked up a habit of playing video games all night and sleeping all day. Therefore, when she wasn’t around during the day, baby Emma had no one to take care of her. Heather detailed the incident that fortified her resolve about divorce:

“Mind you, there were eight girls that walked into the house. Emma was awake, basically screaming, freaking out in her crib, and he was asleep in bed. I had put the baby monitor on full blast near his ear, and he had promised me that he would get up and not leave her in her crib. That basically was it for me.”

The couple finalized their divorce in 2006. Mark and Heather were workmates who grew close during her divorce. He had previously gone through a divorce, and so Heather consulted him for advice. Eventually, and contrary to company policy, the couple started a romantic relationship and got married. They then moved to Indiana to start life on a fresh slate.

Emma considers Mark to be her dad as he’s raised her since she was 2. She retains her biological dad’s last name, but he is no longer involved in her life. Emma has considered changing the name, but she would need consent from her biological dad. She explained in a February 2020 video titled Answering questions I’ve been avoiding:

“When I am 18, I plan on changing my last name to Delucio. If I had to change it right now, I would have to get my dad’s consent. I don’t keep in contact with him anymore. I know he would say no, so there is no reason to even try.”

Emma still enjoys making videos on the family channel, but it has become harder as she’s grown older

Emma launched her channel a year after creating Emma and Ellie. She rapidly grew in popularity and hit one million subscribers at around the same time as the family channel. Emma talked to Tubefilter about the joy of hitting the one million landmark:

“It feels amazing, and it doesn’t even make sense how it is possible to be where I am today. It makes me so happy for my hard work to pay off. I just wanna say thank you to my supporters for everything! The endless love and support from you guys fill my heart with joy. I can’t thank you enough for giving me all my opportunities and letting me hit one million! I love you guys.”

Marie told the publication that she attributes her fame to her authenticity in front of the camera. In an emotional video titled A Message to My Best Friend, Marie allowed herself to be vulnerable on camera, and it’s no wonder that the video hit 1 million views in a day. “I just make sure to stay true to myself, post the days I’m supposed to, and always be active with my followers,” the Ohio native told Tubefilter

Filming and editing videos are very time-consuming and, combined with schoolwork and the family channel, Emma has a tightly packed schedule. She told her fans that even though she appears disinterested in making family videos, she is still committed to the channel. Emma explained in a December 2020 video titled answering your guys assumptions PT.2:

“If you think about it, when school, homework, school cheer, vlogging every day, hanging out with your friends, and like managing everything on top of each other, it’s like really stressful. So, sometimes in videos it just looks like I’m not having a good time… It’s because everyone has bad days, but I still love doing Emma and Ellie channel.”

Emma’s future on the family channel is unclear now that she is close to going to college. Her dream college is NYU, but she’d be okay with any college in Florida.

Emma has only had one boyfriend and is seemingly disinterested in dating

Emma revealed in the December 2020 assumptions video that her first and only boyfriend asked her out in fifth grade. She accepted the invitation and embarked on her only relationship so far.

Since then, no one has asked Emma out again. She hasn’t even had her first kiss yet. According to Emma, she is not at fault for her single status. She has been in plenty of talking stages, but none of them have morphed into a full-fledged relationship.

However, in a quick-fire assumptions video posted in late May 2020, Emma revealed that she has pushed potential partners away. One of the assumptions was that Emma wants to have a boyfriend, but she refuses to let anyone in. After a long pause, Emma said, “Technically, I mean, I guess that is right.”

Relationships might not be a priority at the moment, but in the future, Emma plans on getting married and having children. She hopes that her future self and family will be just as interested in YouTube as her current self. Emma stated in the December assumptions video:

“Hopefully, I do get married, and if I don’t, that would be very sad. My husband also has to be on board. If my husband wants no part in social media in the future, and he doesn’t want our kids on social media, then I will totally respect that. But, I think it will be really cool knowing that I am doing what I am doing now at the age of 16 and when I am older my kids are doing the same thing and they grow up with the same opportunities.”