Add Personality To Your Wardrobe With Custom Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket holds a special place in men fashion jacket. Though first created for wartime pilots, this rugged outerwear style has evolved into a modern fashion staple. When you opt for a custom bomber jacket, you can transform this iconic piece into an extension of your style.

Custom bomber jackets allow you to pick details that reflect your tastes and interests. Whether you prefer sleek minimalism or bold embellishments, your custom bomber tells a story. So how do you design the bomber jacket of your dreams? Let’s explore some customization options for standout styles.

Old School or New Cool? Choose a Bomber Jacket Style

Step one is selecting a bomber jacket silhouette that suits your vibe. Do you lean more on James Dean or Drake? Old school or new cool? Traditional military-inspired bombers feature ribbed knits and roomy cuts. They exude ’50s rebel chic. in this digital age slim fit styles in cropped lengths feel fresh and contemporary.

Consider your usual wardrobe colors and pieces. A classic bomber in black, brown or olive green complements everyday denim and tees. Go bold with a satin version in crimson or cobalt to contrast a monochrome aesthetic.

Once you’ve decided on a general style, it’s time to make it your own. Custom jacket elements let you highlight what makes you unique.

Dial Up the Details: Buttons, Zippers, Logos & More

When designing your own bomber jacket, the devil is in the details. Swap out standard buttons for engraved metal snaps. Opt for a bright zipper in orange to show off your colorful side. Get your hometown or nickname emblazoned on the back in varsity style letters.

If you want to sport your hobbies, add custom patches. Show your love for surfing with embroidered waves or support your home team with their logo. The sleeves offer prime real estate for displaying your passions.

For a sleeker look, go minimalist. A bomber jacket in rich brown leather needs little else. Maybe just your engraved initials stitched discreetly inside the collar. Subtle can still mean special.

Make It Yours: Choose the Right Fabric, Color and Fit

Beyond the trim, carefully choose the jacket’s main fabric. Supple lambskin leather offers a polished finish. On the casual end, broken-in suede has laid back appeal. For light layering, a cotton bomber jacket keeps you cozy without the bulk.

Don’t be afraid of color either. Vintage military hues are cool, but so are unconventional shades. A bomber jacket in forest green or burgundy leather levels up basic denim. Go for bold cobalt suede to contrast fall’s earthy palette.

Finally, get the fit just right. Supply your exact measurements for a tailored shape that flatters your build. A custom bomber hugs close while still feeling comfortable during activity. Find that ideal fit and you’ve got a jacket to pass down one day.

Search for Craftsmanship when Choosing a Custom Brand

To get the most from your custom piece, seek out brands focused on quality craftsmanship. They should understand how to translate your vision into a tangible reality. Visit their website to view past customized jackets for inspiration.

Opt for brands utilizing premium American leather when possible. This supports skilled local artisans as opposed to cheap impersonators overseas. Expect to invest more upfront. But a custom leather jacket made to last 30 years is worthwhile.

Don’t settle for an off-the-rack bomber that’s close enough. In this iconic outerwear style, the difference is in the details. With thoughtful customization, your bomber jacket becomes as unique as you. So embrace personal touches that reflect the real you. Effortless cool is always by design.