All about Emily Dobson – A look at her dance career and boyfriend

Emily Dobson is an American social media star who’s grown her following into the millions over the past year. Dobson launched her YouTube channel in mid-2020 and so far, she has 1.1 million subscribers. Her videos have accumulated over 70 million views. Dobson is also thriving on other social media pages, including TikTok (1.8 million followers) and Instagram (over 840K followers).

Dobson’s popularity can be attributed to her entertaining content and her association with Piper Rockelle’s squad. Most members of the squad are social media stars, and by collaborating with them, Emily has boosted her social media standing.

Read on the find out more about Emily’s career and her love life.

Emily is a decorated national dancer with connections to the Abby Lee Miller dance school

Emily Dobson was born on 3rd April 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Her father is photographer Douglas Dobson. 

Emily started ballet dancing at three years old and ballroom dancing at five years old. Dobson competed in the 2018 California star ball and the 2018 Emerald Ball DanceSport. She has also made it to the finals of the United States National dance three times. Emily and her dancer partner Robie Milstead are considered one of the top three dance pairs in their division.

In Emily’s first video on YouTube, she revealed that she has a connection to the Abby Lee Miller dance company. “Funny story,” she started. “I have met most of the cast from the Abby Lee Miller dance company, but I have never been on the show.” Dobson is also a talented painter. She’s been painting since the age of four and trained at Pauline’s Art Studio. 

Of her many talents, Emily is most famous for creating entertaining content for her YouTube followers. Her page’s description gives an insight as to what you can expect on her channel:

“Hey everyone, it’s Emily Dobson! On my channel, you will see me doing 24-hour challenges, last to challenges, crush, pranks, and fun, family friendly videos with my friends Piper Rockelle and the rest of the squad! I love acting, dancing and making tiktoks!”

Emily’s admits to having a crush on Sawyer Sharbino but it’s unclear whether they are dating

Emily Dobson and fellow content creator Sawyer Sharbino admit they are each other’s crushes on the squad. Exactly what the word ‘crush’ means in the squad is up for interpretation. It’s unclear whether it means a couple has feelings for each other or whether it signifies that a couple are dating.

Therefore, despite Emily and Sawyer crushing on each other, we can’t confirm whether they are dating.