The truth about Gabriela Gonzalez and her relationship with Jack Avery

Gabriela is an American social media star famous for posting viral dances and skits on her TikTok page. The Florida native started her social media journey on YouTube before diversifying to TikTok and Instagram. Gonzalez has close to 500K followers on TikTok, 584K followers on Instagram, and 177K subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Gonzalez’s bubbly personality and relatability are her biggest assets. She merely focuses on being herself in front of the camera, and the followers keep streaming in. This piece will look at Gabriela’s daughter, her relationship with Jack Avery, and her social media approach.

Gabriela hid her pregnancy from the media before Lavender Avery was born

The news of Lavender’s birth hit Gabriela’s fans by surprise as they didn’t know that she was pregnant. Gonzalez and her family kept the pregnancy hidden because they didn’t want to attract media attention. Gabriela kept the pregnancy secret, but she revealed everything about Lavender’s eventful birth.

Six weeks after Lavender came into the world, Gonzalez posted a video detailing the story from her contractions to the actual birth. Gabriela’s contractions came in the early hours of 22nd April 2019. Her family rushed her to the hospital with Lavender’s father, Jack Avery, in tow.

Gabriela couldn’t endure the pain caused by the contractions, and therefore, requested for an epidural. The epidural eased her pain and gave her an unusual high. Gonzalez amused her family when she almost forgot that she was due to deliver a child and started taking selfies and recording videos while lying on the hospital bed.

Lavender arrived just before quarter to ten in the morning of 22nd April 2019. On 12th May 2019, Gonzalez attached the following caption to a series of Instagram photos featuring herself, Lavender, and Jack:

“And now we get to introduce you! Meet Lavender May Avery… The most delicate precious flower. I’m so thankful for all the love and support surrounding her. I am so excited that I get to share all of our little milestones with you!”

Gonzalez was overjoyed after Lavender’s birth, and she revealed that she plans on having more children. However, she wants to get married first before adding to her family. Gabriela revealed in a Q&A video posted on 8th October 2019:

“I’m hoping that next time I’ll have a baby, I’ll be married. If I get married within a few years and I want to have a baby, then sure. I want a lot of kids. I want to adopt. I want to have kids. I just want to make a family of a bunch of happy little nuggets.”

Gabriela and her happy little nugget, Lavender, are currently living in Hawaii. Gonzalez revealed that she moved to Hawaii so she could raise May alongside her other mom friends and their children.

Gabriela and Lavender’s father Jack Avery are no longer dating but they co-parent their child

Gabriela and Lavender’s father, Jack Avery, ended their relationship several months after Lavender was born. It’s unclear why the relationship ended, but Jack was accused of cheating. Instagram photos from Gonzalez and Jack show that the couple co-parents Lavender.

The co-parenting agreement has mostly worked out well for the couple, but in December 2019, there appeared to be tension between Gabriela and Avery. Rumors about Jack’s infidelity were at their peak, but Gabriela appeared hesitant to address them. She then posted the following tweet:

“I have been forced to keep my mouth shut for over a year. I hardly ever defend myself, I keep quiet for everyone else’s sake but mine. I am learning that no matter what, there will be people who are going to try and bring you down. AND IT’S OK to stand up for yourself.”

On 24th December 2019, Gonzalez tweeted that she officially hated Christmas, but she didn’t explain why. It later emerged that she was lonely because Lavender was spending Christmas with Jack and his family.

Gabriela pledged to be more open about her feelings and emotions after starting a new chapter in her life

Gabriela’s move to Hawaii represents a fresh start in her life. She gets to raise Lavender in a supportive and safe environment and has lots of time to engage in one of her favorite hobbies, surfing. Gabriela also revealed that she plans to take a more open approach to social media. She will not only share the happy times but also the sad and difficult times. Gabriela stated in a video posted on 8th August 2020:

“I just want to be open. I just don’t want people to think like life is perfect all the times, which I feel like sometimes I do make it seem like that… Sometimes I do want to be real as well and I do hope that everyone will just accept my happy days and my sad days as well… Hopefully I can help people and I hope people relate to me.”