Everything you need to know about Noah Beck

Noah Beck is an American social media star famous for posting viral dances and comedic skits on TikTok. Beck has over 16 million followers on TikTok and 5.5 million followers on Instagram. Noah’s fame has grown exponentially since he joined The Sway House, and started collaborating with other social media stars such as Bryce Hall and Alex Warren.

Unlike other TikTok stars, Beck doesn’t have a YouTube page. However, he appears in the videos of other content creators and helps make videos for Awesomeness TV.

This piece will look at Noah Beck’s career, his relationship status, and rumors about his sexuality.

Noah turned down a soccer scholarship at the University of Portland to pursue a social media career

Noah was born on 4th May 2001 and grew up in Arizona alongside two older sisters, Tatum and Haley. Beck was an instant sensation when he started posting videos on TikTok in late January 2020. Social media star Blake Gray recognized Noah’s potential and asked whether he was willing to collaborate. Noah’s social media following spiked thanks to his association with Blake Grey.

After a couple of months, Noah traveled to Los Angeles to meet Blake and other members of the Sway House. Beck effortlessly blended in with the stars of the famed house. After spending several months in the Sway House, Beck dropped out of the University of Portland to pursue social media full time.

Noah initially dreamt of being a professional soccer player and was well on his way to playing in the MLS. However, social media fame forced him to change his career path. Noah now hopes that social media will help him realize his dream of winning an Oscar. He revealed in an Awesomeness TV Q&A posted on 6th October 2020:

“It was too good to pass up so I just wanted to experience it… I just want to be an actor. That is what I want to do… I want to be an actor. I want to win an Oscar.”

Noah and Dixie D’Amelio initially kept their relationship private due to the drama caused by Dixie’s ex Griffin Johnson

Rumors about Noah and Dixie dating started in August 2020 after fans noted that the pair was spending a lot of time together. However, the couple kept insisting that their relationship was purely platonic. Dixie and Noah’s constant denials did little to calm the relationship rumors. Fans became totally convinced that something was brewing between the couple when they shared a steamy kiss in Dixie’s Be Happy music video.

Dixie revealed on Charli D’Amelio’s podcast, Charli and Dixie: 2 Chix, that initially she hadn’t considered filming the scene with Noah. However, she realized that she wouldn’t feel comfortable kissing somebody she didn’t share a connection with. Dixie said:

“I’m glad I did it with him. I would be so awkward talking to someone random. I’m even awkward around my friends sometimes so it would be hard doing it with anyone else.”

In early October 2020, Noah confirmed what everybody suspected in his Awesomeness TV Q&A video. “Dixie is amazing, she is an awesome girl,” Noah said. “It’s been really fun, and so I’m excited for the future with her.” Noah and Dixie had been dating for a while before the official announcement, but they’d chosen to keep it secret because of Dixie’s ex, Griffin Johnson.

Griffin and Dixie allegedly broke up due to his infidelity, but Griffin has suggested that she also wasn’t completely loyal. The couple’s messy breakup threatened to spiral out of control when they started to address each other in their music. Griffin’s association with the Sway House made matters more complicated. Therefore, Dixie and Noah kept their relationship private to give Dixie and Griffin time to iron out their issues.

Noah recently told The Hollywood Fix that the feud between Dixie and Griffin is over. He also stated that Griffin has been very mature about Noah and Dixie dating.

Noah was rumored to be dating James Charles but he shot down those rumors by clarifying that he is straight

James Charles is friends with many social media stars, including most members of the Sway House. In early 2020, James and Noah sparked relationship rumors when they started creating tons of content together. Bryce Hall fueled the rumors when he posted a video on YouTube titled ‘Noah Beck is Dating James Charles.’ 

The title turned out to be clickbait, but it convinced most fans that James and Noah were dating. However, Noah shut down those rumors by posting the following comment, “I am straight… I love James but yes, I’m straight <3.”