All you need to know about Abby Roberts

As you might know, making it as a social media influencer isn’t easy. However, 18-year-old Abby Roberts has managed to make it look like child’s play. She is currently one of the top social media personalities in the beauty industry, and there is seemingly no look that she can’t create or recreate.

Roberts was inspired by creators such as James Charles and Nikkie de Jager, but she has now carved out her niche in the industry. She is only 18 years, but she has a following of over 8 million across Instagram and TikTok. This piece will look at Abby’s career, her ambitions, and her relationship.

She credits James Charles for kick-starting her online career

Abby Roberts’ popularity on social media recently spiked, but she has been making online content since she was 11. The English makeup star had been creating looks on social media, but she only started taking it seriously after she was noticed by James Charles.

Charles invited Abby to do an Instagram takeover in one of his Stories and her popularity spiked. Abby told Elite Daily:

“I wasn’t uploading consistently or trying to make a career out of it at that point. When Charles noticed me, that really helped to grow my following.”

Abby gained 100,000 followers overnight after posting her video with James. She took full advantage of her opportunity and carved out a niche on social media. She deviated from the normal glam and tutorial videos and started posting creative looks. Abby told

“The creative stuff I feel like started during Halloween. I’d always do looks that aren’t just your everyday glam around that time and then, eventually, I just got bored of doing the glam stuff all year round.”

Abby adapts her content depending on the platform she is posting on. Her TikTok videos usually feature more comedic elements compared to her Instagram posts. Abby’s looks take an exceptional amount of time and effort to create. She told Metro. that it takes five to eight hours to create some of her looks. Luckily, she has received support from other gurus in the industry, and she is motivated by her desire to succeed. Abby told elite daily:

“The community is all really interactive and we all know each other and we’re all friends… I try not to take a break as much as I can. I don’t think I’ve taken one in quite a few months now just because consistency is the most important thing. I try and just keep posting every day.”

She doesn’t plan on being an influencer for long

Abby is at the height of her social media, but she doesn’t think that she will be a social media influencer for long. She benefits from brand promotions and endorsements, but with time, she wants to build her own brand. At the moment, she enjoys working with brands and products she believes in. Abby is also keen on collaborating with other beauty gurus.

Abby promises to deliver products that are synonymous with her brand. She told Elite Daily that we should expect products that are as unique as her makeup routines:

“Obviously, my makeup is not just your typical glam sort of stuff, so I think it would be something specific to my kind of artistry.”

She isn’t a fan of social media drama

Some social media influencers are famous for their content as well as their love for drama. Abby has no intention of being famous for drama. She has been advised to stay away from the drama, and she is determined to heed that advice.

However, she was drawn into the feud between Tati Westbrook and James Charles. Abby told that she was on James side during that feud:

“I was always in support of James because I feel like you never know the full story. It’s quite difficult to gauge when it’s on social media, you don’t know what’s true, what’s not… I always do just avoid the drama at all costs!”

She is currently dating TikTok creator Noen Eubanks

Noen Eubanks and Abby Roberts have been dating for a while now. Abby is a constant presence on Eubanks’ TikTok feed. Eubanks stated in an interview with The Face that it’s unlikely that we will get an official announcement about the couple, and he is content with leaving traces of the couple’s relationship on social media.

Eubanks’ posts seem to suggest that they couple is in a long distance relationship.

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