All you need to know about Leah Halton

Leah Halton is an Australian social media star who gained fame for her fashion prowess. Halton made her Instagram debut in 2014, and so far, she has accrued 280K followers on the platform. She has worked with a variety of fashion brands, including Fashion Nova, Princess Polly Boutique, and Peppy Coau.

Halton joined YouTube in 2018, and it allowed her to further highlight her fashion and makeup skills. She also included vlogs and storytime videos on her self-titled channel. Leah also has a TikTok account, which, so far, has just over 400K followers.

This piece will look at Leah’s love for fashion and her bad experiences with airplanes.

Leah’s love for fashion started with an obsession with mermaid costumes

Leah Halton was born on 6th January 2001 in Australia. Her mom is of Scottish, Italian, and French descent, and her dad is of Mauritania and English descent.

Halton’s love for fashion started with an obsession with mermaid costumes. Her dad was all too happy to fuel this obsession as he made Leah as many mermaid costumes as he could. She explained in a video titled how my childhood shaped my EXTRA personality:

“I don’t know where this obsession came from but I have always loved mermaids. They just make me feel some type of way. My dad used to make me costumes and he also made me mermaid tails… I just wore costumes every time as a child – I wouldn’t wear normal clothes.”

The mermaid craze died down for a while, but at the age of 9, her dad gifted her a mermaid tail, and it all came rushing back. Leah and her dad then made a silicon tail paired with shells for the full mermaid costume. Halton then went on her first fashion photoshoot in her beloved costume. She gleefully explained:

“We went for a photoshoot at the beach. It was so full on. It was so full on. I tell no one that because it is actually like so embarrassing for me. The fact that I am saying this and showing pictures of my mermaid tail – I was obsessed.”

Mermaid love extended to mermaid parties. Leah reckons that she had close to 15 such parties during her childhood.

Leah has consistently had bad experiences on airplanes

Leah’s first experience on an airplane went quite well as her dad booked two seats so she could have an empty seat next to her. However, on her next flight from Singapore to Italy, she sat next to a lady who reminded her of a teacher she didn’t like very much.

On her way back to Australia, she sat next to two disabled people, who she couldn’t disturb for the entire seven-hour flight. It freaked her out that she couldn’t use the washroom for seven hours, but looking back, it wasn’t as difficult as she thought it would be.

At age 17, Leah flew back to Italy. Her flights were uneventful, but she had to wait for hours on end between connecting flights as her dad booked the cheapest flights possible. However, her flight from Dubai to Australia didn’t start well. The flight she was on stalled just before it left the ground. She explained in a video titled I almost died on a plane flight:

“The whole planes just turns off. The lights went off, the computers at the back of the chairs went off, the air conditioning went off – everything was off. The engine was off. The whole plane failed… I have never been in a more quiet plane. Everyone was just quiet and freaked out. The ladies next to me were very nice because I was freaking out.”

Leah’s dad told her to calm down, but she could tell that he was a bit worried. After a wait of about two hours, the plane was fixed, and despite her desire to get off and use another plane, Leah ‘said her goodbyes’ and waited. Thankfully, she got to Perth safe and took another plane to Melbourne. Unfortunately, Leah’s bad experiences have made her scared of air travel. She explained:

“Now, I’m like forever scared and I really want to go back to Europe. I really want to travel. Travelling is like my passion – I’ve always loved travelling. My experiences on planes have just been the absolute worst.”