Are Nessa and Josh back together? Here’s what we know

If you are as big as Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett, you expect fans to pick apart every aspect of your personal lives, especially if you were in a relationship. Josh Richards is currently close to getting 23 million followers on TikTok and achieving 1.5 billion likes on his videos. Having recently launched an energy drink and an app, Richard has also shown that he is quite adept at business.

Nessa Barrett is both a social media star and a fast-rising musician. She currently has 11.3 million followers on TikTok and 3.9 million followers on Instagram.

This piece will look at Nessa and Josh’s relationship. We can confirm that they have not gotten back together.

Nessa and Josh are currently best friends, but Josh stated that he isn’t ruling out a future relationship between the pair

Josh and Nessa broke millions of hearts around the world when they announced their breakup in June 2020. The couple explained in their viral video that they’d drifted apart due to the strain of their respective careers. Josh stated that the couple wasn’t ready for such an intense relationship in the public limelight: “We realize that we needed to mature and we needed to grow as people.” He also told People that Nessa would always hold a special place in his heart:

“Nessa is a person that will always have a place in my heart. We have learned so much from each other. I wish her nothing but the best and we are so proud of our time together. Our relationship has ended, but my respect for her will never change.”

A month after the breakup, Josh and Nessa appeared together in a TikTok video posted by Bryce Hall. The appearance set of rumors that Josh and Nessa had gotten back together. A screenshot allegedly showing that Nessa’s screensaver was a photo of her and Josh added to the speculation.

Rumors of a rekindled relationship between Nessa and Josh persist, especially now that they are spending a lot of time together. On 29th October 2020, the couple told David Portnoy that their relationship is purely platonic. For now, we will take them by their word and accept that they are not dating. However, in an interview with ET, Josh refused to rule out a future relationship between him and Nessa:

“My favorite thing about Nessa, I think, is just like our humor is very similar. When we joke around together, so that’s why I wanted to keep her as a friend. Because I think she’s very funny and I just laugh very hard when I’m around her. I’m not gonna say, like, a no or yes. I think that right now we’re just friends. That’s kind of how we’re doing it.”

Josh admitted that he felt a little jealous after a video of Nessa kissing Chase Hudson surfaced

In July 2020, the TikTok scene descended into chaotic drama after a video of Chase Hudson and Nessa kissing surfaced on the internet. Technically, Chase and Nessa were both single when the kiss happened, but the wounds from their previous relationships had yet to heal. Chase was in the midst of a complicated breakup with Charli D’Amelio, while Nessa had recently ended her relationship with Josh.

Richards told Entertainment Tonight that he felt jealous about the kiss, but it was up to Nessa to choose what she wanted to do: “I’ve forgiven her for it. I wasn’t dating her, so it wasn’t my choice what she goes and does. Like, that’s totally up to her. It’s totally fine. I was just still in that fresh [breakup] stage so I was probably a little bit jealous. I definitely was jealous but, yeah, we’re friends, and we hang out, so that’s awesome.”

Nessa recently referred to the kiss as a terrible mistake on her part. However, she opined that she didn’t deserve the amount of hate she received from the online community. Nessa told Zach Sang that such things just happen:

“I don’t know – I was still in love with Josh. I don’t know why a lot of people are trying to make it seem like a cheating scandal thing… I didn’t intend for any of that to happen. Sometimes, things just happen. I’m 18, you know?”