21 Beautiful Blonde Balayage Hairstyles

Balayage highlighting techniques are ultra popular today. It seems like every blonde rocks these multi-hued highlights. Balayage is so great because of its effortless and natural feeling on the hair. If you’re looking to punch up your blonde locks with something modern and beautiful, then balayage is absolutely for you.

Achieving That Perfect Blonde Balayage

Balayage is amazing as a technique because it’s highly customizable. Hair can be foiled but is most often painted for the most organic looking effect. Balayage is all about mimicking the way the sun naturally highlights our hair at the outermost level and blends naturally with the base or root color. Whether you want tons of dimension or just a subtle few, there are so many different ways to balayage your hair to suit your desires. We have all of the best looks to choose from, so let’s get right to it!

High Contrast Blend

A blonde balayage like this high contrast blend gives you the best of both worlds. Much of the length of the hair is a gorgeous light blonde and the base of the hair is a dirtier, more grown out blonde. A shadow root helps achieve this dimension.

The look is natural and definitely modern. Save yourself extra trips to the salon with this high contrast blended blonde.

Warm Blonde Balayage

There is nothing cold about this look! We love warm tones with blonde balayage, so long as hair doesn’t get too brassy.

To rock gorgeous balayage highlights like these, ask your stylist to create a ‘sugar cookie’ colored vibe. Invest in a good purple shampoo as well!

Blunt Cut Lob

Lobs are so trendy these days. Take this fresh cut to the next level with gorgeous balayage highlights.

This look is warmer on top where touches of lighter blonde appear to skim just the surface. At the ends of this lob cut the lightest blonde balayage highlights take over. They contrast well with the blunt cut of this chic lob.

Rose Gold Blonde Balayage

You’re probably most used to seeing blonde balayage on brown or darker blonde roots. This gorgeous style shows us that more unique tones like rose gold can be blended to create a dimensional look.

This creative hairstyle is a mix of her natural color, babylights, and root shadow for a more seamless feel.

Straight And Blended Balayage

So often we see blonde balayage on tousled and wavy texture, but rarely on straight hair. This picture shows us that, if done right, balayage is incredibly seamless even on pin straight hair.

The best balayage blends in a way that the color change is subtle and looks like an effect from the environment or sun.

Warm Bronde Balayage

Not every blonde balayage hairstyle has to be super light blonde. We love this warm bronde look for its blonde effect. It’s great for darker haired babes that want to try out blonde without going too drastic.

You can go cooler with your blonde, but the warm tones work here to pick up her natural tone at the roots.

Blonde Balayage On Natural Tone

The stylist who created this unique blonde balayage hairstyle calls it ‘chai latte’, and we couldn’t agree more. Here, hair was naturally a medium toned blonde with a slightly warm hue.

The ends of this look have been given a cooler tone but with plenty of that chai latte warmth added for depth and seamless growth underneath.

Face Framing Balayage

The beauty of this balayage is the gorgeous blonde highlights and the depth of her natural color that still remains. This makes it so easy to grow out these naturally looking highlights.

Face framing highlights like these are genius for brightening the face without having to totally lighten all of the hair.

Multi Shaded Blonde

This blonde balayage hairstyle proves you don’t have to choose when it comes to shade. Here, several different tones are incorporated into one look for a unique, dimensional hairstyle.

Multi shaded blonde is great for natural blondes or for the creative babe who wants to stand out. Just remind your stylist to lighten the pieces that frame your face.

Subtle Sandy Balayage

There isn’t too much contrast in this sandy blonde balayage hairstyle. The difference is there, however, only subtle. It’s perfect for the babe who is new to the balayage technique and wants to keep her look relatively seamless.

Here, the sandy tones get slightly brighter just where the sun ought to hit the hair. You can try this subtle difference in shades on any color blonde, from platinum to honey.

Pearl Toned Blonde

This blonde balayage hairstyle has a pearly, luminescent tone. If you want to make your blonde stand apart, try this unique hue. As you can see, the balayage is focused around the face and at the ends of the hair.

Color like this works especially well if you prefer to wear you hair in soft waves. Go for high shine and use a deep conditioner followed by a lightweight oil.

Wintry Blonde Balayage

A lot of blondes prefer to go darker in the winter months. If you’re considering this, try out a wintry blonde balayage hairstyle.

With this look, the lighter highlights are focused around the face and organically throughout the bulk of the hair. If you want to take your lighter and bright blonde down, ask your stylist to apply a slightly darker toner.

Soft And Blended Bob

If you want a soft and seamless look for your blonde balayage hair, try this blended bob. Even if you don’t prefer wearing your hair shorter, you can mimic this color technique on your own longer tresses.

Most of the balayage highlights are in thicker sections here, but a few thinner pieces of ultra light blonde look natural and effortless.

Partial Blonde On Brunette Hair

You don’t have to be a full blonde to enjoy the benefits of blonde balayage. If you’re trying to slowly incorporate blonde into your brunette hair, then a partial balayage is the perfect way to go.

Honey hued balayage highlights help bring the brightness to these darker locks. Once you try going slightly blonder, you may be willing to try more next time!

Cool And Thin Babylights

This look is highly contrasted, but when done right, it has such a unique vibe. Babylights are great to mix in with balayage because of the added contour dimension.

Ask your stylist for some punchy, cool toned babylights like these. We love the way they look in a swooping side part to show off the effect.

Soft Platinum

Prefer platinum locks? The color isn’t for everyone, but if you’re going to go cool with your blonde, try this gorgeous platinum blonde balayage.

The difference in hues is subtle, but a slightly darker base adds beautiful dimension to otherwise monochrome platinum. Whether your hair is long, short, thick, or thin, this soft platinum balayage is a winner.

Caramel Blonde Balayage

If cooler blonde colors aren’t for you, try out a warmer hue like this caramel blonde balayage. If your skin has warm undertones, a hue like this just may be your perfect blonde.

There isn’t much variation to this caramel colored blonde, but it works wonderfully if you want to keep your look more monochrome.

Sleek Dirty Blonde

How gorgeous is this dirty blonde balayage hairstyle? The ends are undoubtedly light and subtly travels up the length of the hair to blend beautifully with the darker root shade.

If you’re trying to take down light blonde or want to lighten your dirty blonde hair over time, try this gorgeous look. It works well on both sleek and textured hair.

Bright And Bold Blonde

If you want to brighten up your blonde, try this bold balayage hairstyle. The hue is slightly cool and has lots of texture for showing off dimension.

We love how the width of each highlighted section varies. It makes hair look natural. Ask your stylist for this classic blonde look and to keep the balayage as organic as possible.

Beachy Balayage

If you’re looking for a ‘just stepped off of the beach’ vibe, then this beachy balayage blend is for you! Some of these highlights are super bright as if lightened by the sun.

Ask your stylist to add the balayage in thinner sections for lots of highlight dimension. The variety of colors gives an illusion of texture that only the ocean can provide.

Chunky Blonde Babylights

Try a super natural look next time you want freshen up your blonde balayage. The contrast between the roots and base of the hair is gorgeous.

With this look, highlights aren’t thin but rather distributed in chunkier sections. The effect is rich and natural. Fortunately, you can try this style with any hues or color you desire.