Everything we know about Chase Stokes’ parents

Chase Stokes plays the de facto leader of the Pogues, John B, in Netflix’s Outer Banks. He seems familiar because you probably saw him in Stranger Things and The Beach House. His role in Outer Banks is his most significant to date and will likely serve as his breakout role. 

John B’s search for the lost treasure starts as an investigation into his father’s death. The end of season 2 (spoiler alert) reveals that John B’s father is not dead but living in hiding in a secret location. John B is set for some major parental drama in season 3, which is something Chase Stokes has experience in plenty in real life.

Let’s look at Chase Stokes’ parents. 

Chase maintains a strong emotional bond with his parents

Chase Stokes was born on 16th September 1992 in Annapolis, Maryland, to Jeff Stokes and Jennifer Canning. He later moved to Florida, where he attended high school and college. 

According to MTV, Chase has six siblings, including half and step-siblings. 

Stokes maintains a strong emotional bond with his parents. “Once a mommas boy, always a mommas boy,” he captioned a photo of his young self, hanging out with Jennifer on the beach. 

Chase suffered mentally as he struggled to process his parents’ divorces

Chase didn’t understand much of what was happening when his parents first divorced when he was several months old. However, another divorce during his teens hit him hard. 

Stokes suffered mentally, but at first, he didn’t think that his struggles stemmed from the divorce. Later, he came to attribute the anxiety and panic attacks to the separation. Chase told Popsugar:

“I don’t think I was fully aware of what I was going through. I do remember vividly having panic attacks. I was acting irrationally; I was acting out – I didn’t understand what it was then.”

Chase bottled up his emotions for years before pursuing therapy to process the grief. The therapy encouraged him to open up to his father and stepfather. 

“Hard and emotional,” Chase described the conversations he had with his parents. “I knew that in order to get over this hump, I had to be selfish and open up about my concerns and my experiences,” Chase said

Stokes started with his stepfather, who understood what Chase was going through as he had been in a similar situation. The conversation with his biological father was markedly different. Chase explained:

“I kind of lost it on him. I didn’t hold anything back. And the reaction was that he never truthfully realized how much anger and frustration I had held for 27 years. We have been on kind of a journey over the last year and a half of talking about these things and being open with one another about what his path looked like and what my path looked like.”