Are Chip and Gee Still dating? All you need to know

Theburntchip or Yung Chip (real name: Josh Larkin) is an English YouTuber who became famous for posting FIFA gaming videos. As he grew in popularity, he diversified his content to include vlogs and challenge videos. Chip seems to have abandoned his original channel (titled TheBurntChip) as he hasn’t posted on it for over a year.

Chip uploads most of his YouTube content on the Yung Chip channel that has 2.18 million subscribers. Gee Nelly is also an online gamer and a passionate K-Pop enthusiast. Nelly has three YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers and a Twitch channel with close to 100K followers.

This piece will look at Chip and Nelly’s relationship. It’s unclear whether they are still dating.

It’s unclear whether Chip and Gee are still dating as it’s been a while since they posted each other on social media

Chip and Gee announced their relationship in late December 2017. At the time, Gee was just starting out as a gamer, no doubt inspired by the success of her boyfriend. Gee and Chip followed up their announcement with collaborative videos and social media dedications. On 9th May 2019, Chip attached the following caption alongside an Instagram photo of himself and Gee:

“I enjoy this relationship very much, as I believe we have come to a good compromise. I buy her food. She lets me play Fortnite for 10 hours a day.”

That was the last Instagram photo posted by Chip featuring Nelly. On 14th February 2020, Gee posted a photo of Chip and a couple of K-Pop albums on her second Twitter account. She described it as ‘a real Valentine’s Day.’ Since then, Chip hasn’t appeared on any of Gee’s social media posts.

The sudden lack of couply social media content has led to suspicion that Chip and Gee’s relationship is over. However, we can’t report a breakup without confirmation from the couple.

Chip was a crucial part of Gee’s support system as she dealt with psychotic depression

In January 2019, Gee took a break from posting her usual fun content to let fans in on her mental health issues. Gee struggled to hold back tears as she talked about her psychotic depression diagnosis and how she deals with it. She described streaming as her happy place, and added that having a strong support system is crucial to helping her recover from her lows. She said:

“When I am feeling extremely sad, and I can’t snap myself out of it, like at all, I am very fortunate to have people around me like Will and Josh who pick up on it really quickly even before I have sometimes and they really help me be brave and not sink into a low place.”