Details on Danielle Cohn’s Boyfriend & Dating History

Danielle Cohn is an American social media star who gained fame for posting videos on With time, she diversified her content by joining other social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Danielle currently has 18.1 million followers on TikTok, 4.7 million followers on Instagram, and 1.76 million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. Cohn has also used her fame to further her singing career.

Danielle has been the subject of several controversies since she became a celebrity. Most of her controversies surround her relationships. This piece will look at Cohn’s boyfriends and their influence on Cohn’s life.

Danielle’s age became a hot topic after she got ‘married’ to Mikey Tua and got ‘pregnant’ with his child

Danielle and Mikey Tua confirmed their relationship in mid-2018. As the couple’s relationship progressed, people started asking questions about Danielle’s age. The questions came about because of the couple’s provocative posts. There was no doubt about Mikey’s age, but Danielle’s age remained a mystery.

In April 2019, Danielle and Mikey got ‘married’ at a chapel in Las Vegas. Cohn’s mom confirmed that it was a publicity stunt, but the couple continued their narrative by announcing that Danielle was expectant. The couple revealed that it was a prank, but Mikey’s parents saw the seriousness of the situation and took control of his social media accounts. Mikey’s dad wrote on Instagram:

“I LOVE my son very much! All I want is for him to be SAFE… with himself and his decision. As parents, we need to protect him from any harm that might come his way. He wants to be emancipated and I understand that, but his emancipation can give him prison time. Dani is not 15.”

In early July 2019, Danielle posted a video addressing her age. She claimed that she’d gotten a belly button piercing that she couldn’t have gotten if she wasn’t above the age of 13. Danielle insisted that she was 15. A week later, she confirmed that she and Mikey had broken up.

In September 2019, Danielle stated in an emotional YouTube video that she hadn’t gotten over Mikey, “I have not moved on. I tried. I have not moved on. I am deeply in love with Mikey and I miss him a lot.”

She dated Ethan Fair and Landon Barker before getting back together with Mikey Tua

After healing from her breakup with Mikey, Danielle started dating TikTok star Ethan Fair. Ethan and Danielle first contacted each other in 2016 after Danielle followed Ethan on The pair had a connection, but the timing was never right until Danielle and Mikey ended their relationship.

Fair and Danielle ended their relationship in January 2020. Cohn moved on swiftly and reportedly started dating Landon Barker. Landon is the son of Blink-182’s drummer, Travis Baker. The pair appeared to date for a while, but by the end of March 2020, whatever they had fizzled out.

In a late March 2020 YouTube video, Danielle denied rumors that she was in a relationship with Jackie Ybarra. She also stated that she was ‘talking to somebody’ and that her fans probably knew who it was. “I don’t know if I’m going to be single for that long,” she stated. “We’re going to see what happens. Hopefully it goes good.”

People started guessing that Mikey was back in the picture, and it turned out to be true. In May 2020, Mikey and Danielle announced that they were dating via a YouTube video.

Mikey’s parents don’t support his relationship with Danielle

Mikey and Danielle told fans that they were back together, but there were unresolved issues. Most people suspected that those issues concerned Mikey’s family, and they weren’t wrong. Barely a month into the couple’s relationship, Danielle feuded with Mikey’s family.

The feud started after Danielle posted a video on TikTok in which Mikey threw money at her as she danced. Mikey’s mom responded to the video with the following comment:

“I’m completely embarrassed and ashamed by my son’s behavior. Mikey was raised to treat all women/girls with the upmost respect. Something has changed in him including his surroundings, judgement, and choices. I apologize to all of the supporters who look up to this behavior and believe it’s OK because it’s NOT…”

Mikey responded via a scathing Instagram Live session in which he accused his mother and father of stealing from him. Tua’s brother, Jojo, responded to Mikey’s video by telling him to ‘get off live and pick up the phone and call someone.’

Danielle weighed in on the situation via a lengthy Instagram post which detailed her position with Mikey’s family. She wrote:

“I love Mikey so with that being said I love his whole family. I’ve tried my best to become good with his family and form a relationship like we had in the past. I am truly sorry to his whole family for anything I have done to them or said about them… The whole family will always hold a place in my heart but them always putting the blame on me needs to stop because I have nothing to do with Mikey’s family issues that’s all him…”