David Dobrik and Natalie Noel’s relationship, explained

David Dobrik is one of the most successful YouTubers in the world today. He started his career on Vine before creating a vlog channel on YouTube in 2014. The move turned out to be a masterstroke as he now has a total of more than 24 million subscribers on his two YouTube channels. He was also the 5th most viewed content creator on YouTube in 2019.

Dobrik is also the leader of the YouTube group, The Vlog Squad. Natalie Noel is a regularly seen alongside Noel in his videos and on his posts on Instagram. She is known to be his assistant, but could she be something more? Keep reading to find out the details about David and Natalie’s relationship.

David admitted to having a crush on her during their time in high school

David stated in a video with Delish that he once had a crush on Natalie. The duo first met in their hometown of Vernon Hills, Illinois, and in freshman year of high school, they went to prom together. David said in the video:

“I was trying to tell you how pretty you looked in your dress the day afterwards, but I was so scared of doing it so I never did it and I’m so so happy I never did. It would’ve made things really really awkward… You would have thrown up probably. You would have thrown up on my face.”

Natalie and David went different ways after he moved to L.A. to pursue his social media career while Natalie stayed in Illinois to complete her studies. The pair reunited after David asked Natalie to become his assistant. According to a December 2019 post by Jason Nash, Natalie needed some convincing before she took the job:

“Happy Birthday Nat! It’s so great working with you and watching you grow into a powerhouse. I remember when he had to convince you to take the job and I’m sure there are moments when you wished you trusted your first instinct.”

It seems like Natalie and David are just friends

Natalie and David are close, but for now, they seem to be just close friends. However, there is still hope that the couple might hook up. In a lie detector test posted on Jason Nash’s channel, Noel was asked whether she could hook up with David, and she said no. However, the lie detector concluded that she was lying.

At the moment, they are friends, but in the future, they might start a relationship. On 16th January 2020, David posted a throwback photo of the pair and added the caption, “My assistant since day one.”