Empowering women: Dressing for success

When it comes to your career, the way you dress can play an important role, helping to project an image of success. There are various benefits of dressing professionally, such as an increase in self-confidence, efficiency, and job opportunities.

While it’s always useful to check your work’s dress code before transforming your wardrobe, there are some clothing choices that consistently fall under the ‘business casual’ or ‘business professional’ umbrella. In this article, we explore some of the various outfits that can help to empower women at work, positively impacting their personal and professional lives.

Choosing appropriate clothing

The main factor in your clothing choice should be the industry you work in and the current position you hold. Generally, business casual and formal attire will comprise tailored blouses, button-up shirts, dresses, skirts, and blazers.

It’s best to avoid anything that is either too flashy or revealing but this will depend on your company’s dress code policy and culture. Do however ensure that your outfit is a proper fit. By this, we mean items are neither too loose, too short, or too tight. Well-fitted garments not only look much better but they also signify sophistication.

Limit the use of accessories

When it comes to jewellery, try to keep it to a minimum, opting for classic and understated pieces that complement your outfit. You don’t want your accessories to distract from your look or divert attention away from your work.

Types of accessories that fit seamlessly into the world of work include diamond stud earrings, lengthy chain necklaces, tasteful gold hoop earrings, and bangle bracelets. If you really want to make a statement and exude success, consider acquiring a sleek Tissot watch. The symbol of punctuality and elegance, these Swiss watches are highly valued in professional settings.

Select suitable footwear

With footwear, you tend to have some flexibility unless there are specific guidelines you must follow in your career. Generally, closed-toe heels are seen as the most empowering type of footwear for work, radiating professionalism and class. However, loafers and flats are just as effective but can be much more comfortable when walking around all day.

In the winter when the temperature drops, consider switching to minimalist boots – ankle boots or tall boots are both fine but black leather tends to look best. Ensure that all footwear is well-maintained and kept in good condition.

Simple hairstyles and subtle makeup

Hair and makeup are often the most varied choices due to differences in personal preference and company culture. Although, as a general rule, hair should be groomed and styled in a way that looks put-together.

Opt for simple and professional hairstyles such as a low ponytail, a neat bun, or straight hair, avoiding any extreme colours. If you do decide to colour your hair, ensure that this is a natural shade and one that suits your skin tone. Any hair accessories should be both appropriate and subtle, avoiding any distracting or flashy headbands and hair clips.

Aim to create a natural makeup look that enhances your natural features without being too overpowering. Using foundation, powder, and concealer in harmony can be effective in evening out your skin tone, leading to a polished appearance.

It is also beneficial to apply neutral eyeshadow colours and use eyeliner to create definition around the eye area. If you prefer wearing lipstick, stick to hues that are similar to your natural lip colour or opt for nudes, light pinks, or mauves.