A closer look at Frankie Jonas’ sexuality and dating life

Frankie Jonas said he doesn’t mind people calling him the ‘bonus’ Jonas, but he hates the name a lot. Given the age difference between him and his three famous older brothers, it was nearly inevitable that he wouldn’t achieve their fame levels. 

Jonas eventually got into the entertainment business, appearing in several shows and series. However, for the most part, Frankie kept out of the spotlight. Aged 16, he hogged the headlines for getting a citation for marijuana possession – but he swiftly returned to obscurity following the incident.

The youngest Jonas carved a niche for himself in the entertainment industry in a manner familiar to his Gen-Z peers: through TikTok. He also landed a reality television hosting gig alongside his brother Kevin on the 2022 ABC reality show, Claim to Fame

Frankie Jonas isn’t gay and is dating a girl named Anna

Despite rumors to the contrary, Frankie Jonas isn’t gay. He is in a relationship with a longtime girlfriend named Anna. 

The pair occasionally post each other on social media. On Valentine’s Day 2022, Frankie posted several pictures of Anna alongside the following caption: “I got to spend Valentine’s Day with my Valentine in the wedding party of my best friend. Saint Valentine was a slut for weddings.”

In early July 2022, Frankie wished Anna a happy birthday, “I couldn’t live in this world without you. Thank you for teaching me peace and showing me what it means to love. Happy birthday @lovelyanna0.”

Jonas isn’t afraid to address sexuality matters on TikTok

Unlike his brothers, who grew up shackled by their fame, Jonas isn’t afraid to address matters like sexuality on TikTok. “Maybe it’s because I am a Gen Z, I was introduced to hyper-sexual material at a very young age, but I think it’s just funny,” Jonas told The Daily Beast

Frankie has posted several videos touching on sexuality, including duetting videos about being spanked. Jonas told The Daily Beast that he melted his purity ring after watching hentai porn:

“I had a purity ring when I was a kid because I really wanted to be like my brothers and fit in in a lineup. Transparently, after that hentai that I watched, I burned the ring in a fire and watched it melt and did a whole ceremony.”