Friendly Diamonds: The Perfect Way to Find Your Earrings 

Lo and behold, it’s the era of sustainability!

Gone are the days when earrings were just about mined diamonds. Yes, they’re the ultimate fashion accessory for women and have come a long way since the 19th century when mined diamond earrings were the most sought-after.

In modern times, stud earrings and hoop earring styles have become the ultimate fashion statement. Today, they are considered staple pieces of jewelry that are a must-have and should be a part of every woman’s jewelry box.

But women are choosing eco-friendly lab diamond options and for good reason.

Why Are Lab Diamond Earrings Becoming Increasingly Popular?


Take two diamond earring pairs, one of lab diamonds and the other of mined diamonds, and you won’t be able to tell the difference. Even an expert wouldn’t be able to do so without the assistance of his professional tools. Diamonds used on lab diamond earrings have the same sparkle and shine as diamonds used on mined diamond earrings. So you don’t lose out on sparkle, neither do you lose out on beauty when you choose lab diamond earrings.


Created in state of the art laboratories, lab grown diamonds used in lab diamond earrings are a great alternative to normal diamond earrings. The lab diamonds are created under strict protocols that necessitate conditions that do not deplete the earth’s natural resources. The creation of lab grown diamonds also leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the planet.

The same cannot be said of the mined diamonds as there is the digging of land and changes made to the environment, resulting in disproportion to ecosystems and flora and fauna degradation.

Lab diamond earrings are thus a sustainable option for many women who care about making eco-friendly jewelry decisions.

Budget Friendly

Priced 40 to 70% less than mined diamonds, lab diamonds used in eco-friendly diamond earrings make a more affordable option. Besides shopping for a sparkly pair of earrings, this price drop gives women the liberty to shop for more pairs than one if they choose to or customize their first pair based on their style and preference.

Saving money when shopping for jewelry is big when one chooses lab diamonds over mined diamond earrings. As a cost-effective choice, it is an excellent option for women looking for more bang for their buck, where they can create a bespoke pair of earrings that’ll be the perfect extension of their personality and style.

Which Earring Types are Trending?

Lab diamond stud earrings and hoop earrings are making all the waves when it comes to current earring trends.

Stud earrings come as no surprise as of all the earring types; they are the most versatile and work for every face shape at all occasions, events, and daily wear. They’re the kind of sparkle you can carry on any attire, casual or formal, making them a great pairing with a jeans and T look or a more eloquent formal look.

Hoop earrings also come as no surprise as these earring types are for fashionable, statement-making women who love to express their individuality and style. Available in a range of small and big hoops, smaller ones work well when dressing up for work and modest affairs, and bigger ones serve their purpose when looking to make a bold and fashionable statement. Both sizes give women that versatile feel of choosing a pair that showcases their preference for styling with jewelry and, in this case, earrings.

Where To Shop For Lab Diamond Earrings Online?

We recommend you find a trustworthy and customer-centric online lab diamond jewelry store like Friendly Diamonds when shopping for lab diamond earrings online.

With hundreds of customers satisfied with their jewelry purchases that include lab diamond engagement rings, wedding jewelry, earrings, tennis bracelets, pendants, and anniversary rings, Friendly Diamonds is a frontrunner in the eco-friendly lab diamond jewelry space.

Besides being all for sustainability and incorporating green technologies in their day-to-day functioning, the brand also provides added value features to connect with their team to guide you with shopping your lab diamond earrings.

You can connect with the team in person at the brand’s New York office or through a virtual meeting where you shall be guided step by step on how and which lab diamond you should choose for your earrings based on your preference. You can also speak to the team for a bespoke earring experience.

Ultimately, shopping for lab diamond earrings is popular as they are a far better alternative. They are a sustainable option that encourages a greener tomorrow and are priced better even though they have the same sparkle as mined diamond earrings. Stud earrings and hoop earrings are on trend. And shopping from trustworthy, value-adding online brands like Friendly Diamonds is best when looking for your pair of earrings.