20 Cute Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Getting older doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style when it comes to your hair! In fact, women over 50 have so many lovely options when it comes to hairstyles. There are a variety of ways to cut and style your hair that shows off your personality and is still age appropriate.

Styling Your Over 50 Hair

One of the most important aspects of styling aging hair is length. Short to medium length hair is perfect for hair that has lost volume or has become coarse and brittle. Pixies, bobs, and lobs are ideal. Side swept bangs, lots of layers, and flicked out ends are elements to consider adding to your hairstyle for a sense of style and youthfulness. We have the perfect inspiration for women over 50, so let’s see what we have in store!

#1: Teased Volume

Women over 50 often experience overall hair loss. This voluminous pixie is perfect for creating volume in a polished manner.

Creating this look is all about cutting short layers at the top of the head. Tease them up, delicately, to give fine hair gorgeous, feathery volume. Cut bangs relatively thick and sweep them to the side to bring the whole look together.

#2: Shoulder Length Layers

The safest lengths for hair for mature women are short to medium. This shoulder-skimming style qualifies as a no-brainer style to try out. The trick to modernizing this length for women over 50 is lots of layers concentrated at the ends of the hair.

A razor cut helps the layers to flip out. It’s perfect for hair on the thicker side.

#3: Blonde Bob With Layers

Bobs are great hairstyle options for women over 50. The length is age appropriate and long enough to show off beautiful color and highlights.

Layers are perfect for adding movement in a bob hairstyle. They should focus on framing the face and work for any hair type and texture.

#4: Medium Length With Flicked Out Ends

Shoulder length hair is probably the longest length you’ll want to try for women over 50. Long hair can get stringy and pull the lines of your face down, while a sassy cut with flicked out ends frames the face in a lovely way.

Long bangs work with the movement of flicked out ends for layers and style. It will also make styling easier over a several day period.

#5: Layers With Side Bangs

This cut may technically be shoulder length, but the bulk of the cut lies at the end of the jawline. Layers are the focus of this cut, and lots of them show off your color, cut, and personal style!

Side bangs are the perfect addition to this layer-heavy look. They should blend well with overall layers focused around the cheekbone.

#6: Inverted Bob

Inverted bobs give haircuts a rounded appearance. The longest parts of the hair frame the face while the back of the cut is shorter for style. It’s perfect for women over 50 who want to maintain a youthful cut that is still age appropriate.

The top layers of the hair should be cut with a razor at the ends. This will help create beautiful movement throughout the hair.

#7: Textured Lob

As hair ages, it often becomes coarser. A textured lob is perfect for embracing, rather than fighting, that stronger texture.

We love this cut because it suits all hair colors, especially if you decide to let your natural gray come through. Styling is easy and involves a smoothing serum and potentially giving hair a few bends with a curling wand.

#8: Choppy Pixie

hort hair looks stunning on women over 50. It’s easy to maintain and avoids any issues with brittle hair. A pixie crop doesn’t have to be boring, however!

Ask your stylist to cut plenty of layers throughout the hair for a choppy, stylish look. It also works to show off highlights with a lot of depth.

#9: Multi Tonal Medium Hair

A touch of gray is all the rage! Women over 50 don’t have to choose between going full gray or fully dying their locks. Mutli tonal dimension is easy to wear because your root color can grow out rather seamlessly.

To keep the look age appropriate, consider adding layers at the ends of hair and side swept bangs.

#10: Feathery Tousled Bob

It’s no surprise that hair often thins and loses volume as we age. Therefore, a feathery, tousled bob is the perfect way to embrace this fact while giving the appearance of volume.

Short layers cut throughout the bob help to achieve a feathered effect. This look requires a blow dry, but doesn’t have to be too involved.

#11: Long Textured Shag

You can actually rock medium long hair if you’re a woman over 50. The key, however, is lots of layers! Let the shag style inspire you when creating your haircut.

The longest layers of the hair should be thinnest while the bulk should focus around at ear height. Sweeping bangs will help pull this look together.

#12: Textured Pixie For Coarse Hair

Aging hair is typically coarser than the hair you’ve known throughout life. For a seamless, stylish look, chop hair into a long pixie with lots of layers focused at the back of the head.

The layers should start at the top of the head for seamlessness and manageability.

#13: Stacked Pixie With Long Bangs

Pixies should be a go-to for women over 50. For a sassy yet always classy look, try a pixie that is stacked at the nape of the neck. With this look, hair is longer on top. It’s perfect for straight hair types.

For a feminine touch, part hair to the side and cut bangs long and to one side. It will frame your face beautifully.

#14: Shoulder Length Honey Blonde

Shoulder length hair is great for women over 50 who want to keep their hair on the longer side. This style may be simple, but it has details that keep it age appropriate and stylish.

Ask your stylist to cut long side bangs that can flow seamlessly into the rest of the layers. They should frame the face and concentrate at the ends of hair.

#15: Textured Chop

A textured pixie bob is the perfect hairstyle for women over 50. It looks trendy and fresh with an easy to maintain length! Creating these layers gives hair movement and much needed style.

Your stylist should be cutting with a razor to achieve this texture. Layers should be choppy and not to perfect for an organic feel.

#16: Perfect Gray Bob

Gray hair, don’t care! It’s always so beautiful when women over 50 let their natural gray hair shine. As for styling, a neat little gray bob is an easy and timeless hairstyle.

Bobs are great, but they look even better with some layers. This bob has short, stacked layers at the bottom to give an air of volume. Creating this detail will make your gray locks appear lusciously thick.

#17: Spiky Pixie

It’s easy to create soft texture with aging hair. There is no need to play it safe when it comes to hair over 50, however! This spiky pixie is not only edgy but also fun and approachable.

The key to achieving this style is knowing where to place your spikes. Short layers at the back of the head help create this texture, while straight, side swept bangs add necessary softness. Razor cut ends, however, make the look seamless.

#18: Textured With Straight Bangs

Creating texture is a great way to bring aging hair to life! This medium length cut is super stylish for women over 50. Creating this look is all about soft curls that translate into texture for fine hair.

Straight bangs are a key element in this style. Sweep them to the side to frame the face and cover the forehead. Short layers cut at the top of the head help merge the bangs into the rest of the hairstyle.

#19: Razored Layers

Sassy style isn’t just for youth! Women over 50 can embody loads of personality in their hairstyle and this cut proves it. For this look, hair should be cut into a medium-short length that ends at the base of the neck.

The star of this cut is the razor cut layers. They should be cut all throughout the length of the hair so they can be styled with a crème for unbelievable texture.

#20: Soft Layers

Just as playful razor cut layers can show off your personal style, so can subtly cut layers. This pixie is beautiful and perfect for thin or fine hair types.

Layers should be concentrated on the lower portion of the hair so the look isn’t too choppy. Hair should be slightly tapered at the nape of the neck and bangs swept to the side for a soft, airbrushed effect.