26 Of The Best Hard Part Haircuts For Men

The hard part haircut is nothing but a revolutionary spin that offers a smart, sharp and stylish look. Originating from the side part and soft part, this variation adds dynamic detail and contrast; thanks to the shaved line in the scalp.

If you want to add more characters and create an edgy look, then the hard part might be just what you’re missing. Interested? Read ahead and get inspired on how this timeless classic can be incorporated into a variety of styles.

Pomp + Hard Part

The once common signature inspired by Elvis Presley has evolved into a masterpiece especially when incorporated into styles such as the hard part.

The razor part runs from the scalp, adding a modern touch and brings a clear distinction between the fresh high fade on the side and the voluminous pomp. Compared to an ordinary pomp undercut, this style gives better contrast and can be worn on both casual and official occasions.

Skin Fade

As observed above, the skin fade is achieved by cutting the hair shorter as it moves towards the neck. The decreasing length of the hair is what gives it meaning. Combined with the hard part, this haircut is nothing but a masterpiece, especially when combined with variations such as the low, high or mid skin fade.

You are at liberty to style your hard part skin fade to suit your needs. Whether you feel like styling the top into a pompadour, a curly fade or a combover! Whatever the case, you need to ensure that your barber doesn’t cut too far. Moderation is key!

Spiky + Side Hard Part

Notably, the spikes have been in the spotlight for decades and have won the hearts of many all over the world. Thanks to the wide variety of styles you can wear with this cut, you would be spoilt for choice with this haircut. Even so, the stylish and extra nature it gives limits it for the young men.

Like the undercut fade or quiff, the hard part essentially works as a borderline between the spikes and the skin fade. Again, you can choose how far up or down the cut is, or whether you’d like a burst, temple or bald fade.

Short Spiky + Hard Part

The edgy, punk quality brought out by the short spiky works brilliantly for both men and women. Unlike the normal messy spiky cut, this variation reinforced by a clear hard part creates a tidy look with a sense of class.

As seen, the low fade underneath the hard part helps direct the attention to the neat spiky top that almost resembles a short pompadour. The type and level of fade entirely depend on you. If you don’t want to keep your hair long, and still retain some sense of fashion, you should try this out.

Medium Spiky + Hard Part

Meet one of the most adopted hairstyles of the 21st century. Bearing a strong resemblance to the long messy quiff, this style is not only fashionable but also offers a hot outlook; thanks to its unkempt presentation and the distinct shaved part.

How would you like to wear an official pompadour during the week and a spiky cut by the weekend? With medium hair, you can accomplish this easily. It only takes some minimal styling. For quick casual occasions, we highly recommend this hairdo.

Textured Crop + Hard Part

Often paired with an undercut fade on the sides and the back, the textured crop works well when worn with a blunt or short fringe. The textured crop is done professionally using scissors to create different layers and increase the hair volume.

The shaved line on the side provides more definition, hence achieving a cool, modern, versatile look. The hard part goes well with any textured crop, but you must ensure your barber knows what’s best for you. The shape of the head and length of hair should be highly considered.

Big Crop + Short Hard Part

The big crop, though not widely adopted like other styles, can completely change your outward appearance. In more than one way, it stands out from the other hard part styles, mainly because of its short, shaved part, disconnected nature, and clipped size at the hairline.

Also, the balanced scissor clippings on top improve the volume naturally and help achieve a relaxed mood. This style is perfect for people who prefer a shorter haircut line and some extra detail.

Pompadour + Part

Amazing how a few simple variations could transform a haircut into a sensation of class and elegance. The classic pomp fused with a well-tailored part puts on a show for any occasion and adds a modern edge to it.

With the hard part razored in precisely, you would have no problem bringing out the contrast in the fade-in whichever way. Boost your confidence levels and increase your uniqueness with this detailed style. Remember, the success of any pomp depends on the quality of the styling products.

Part Detail

Modest to some and extra to others, this style demands a lot of precision, detail, and contrast-orientation. Your barber must be game for this, lest you want to go bald at the end. The most outstanding thing with this is the double side part that runs longer than the rest.

With short, curly, wavy or dyed hair, the part detail could create a spectacular style that inhibits glamour and uniqueness. For the most part, including a beard that merges with the undercut fade creates a magical synergy.

FoHawk + Extra Part

Talk about being extra! This is just a taste of how diverse the hard part can be used. The Fauxhawk, unlike the Mohawk, creates a cool and more laid-back appearance. Thanks to the extra volume of hair on top, the part is accommodated perfectly.

As far as the hard part goes, you are not limited. You can have your extra part start in the middle, run on both sides, or even have dotted sections. As long as the end product meets the fohawk specifications.

Hawk + Design Part

A reincarnation of the Mohawk, the hawk, also known as the faux hawk, is toned down a bit and maintains a nice undercut or fade, instead of the usual shaved head. The design part, on the other hand, is out of this world. As stated severally, your creativity and barber’s skill set are the only things that can help you exploit the hard part.

If you need to capture the attention of many, then we would highly recommend this killer style. Style up your beard, wear your hawk and let the design part do the rest.

Mid fade + Hard Part

Sharp, precise and edgy! This hairstyle brings out the best of anyone who wears it and finishes off with a young outlook. Without the razor cut, the mid fade styled into a pompadour would still be outstanding but rather generic.

The sides fade out evenly from the point of the cut, magnifying the points of deviation and intensity of hair volume. Try this style once and find out how irresistible it can be, especially because of its flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Mid Fade + Two hard lines

The gothic look displayed above resembles any other skin fade hard part but has two haircut lines to increase contrast and specialty. Before thinking of trying this cut, you must envision how the two hard lines could make you look.

Also, you could get creative and form other shapes with two lines on the side, and even style the larger part in any manner, based on your preference. Above all, achieving a classic mid fade could play a major role in the success of this modification.

Buzz Cut

This is one of the few styles that display the magnificence of the electrical clippers. Designed into a crew cut, butch cut, ivy league or flattop, this variation is best suited for people with short hair. The curved razor part on the side complements the medium fade, making this style worth your while.

The buzz cut is by far one of the simplest and most elegant styles on our list. It can be worn by men of all ages to enhance uniformity and give a sense of fashion.

Layered Cut

If you would rather leave people baffled every time you walked past them, then the layered cut with a hard razor cut is meant for you. Not only does it add a funky touch on your hair, but it also gives an illusion of volume and length.

This is achieved through shorter top layers. The implementation of the shaved part amplifies the layers, making it differentiable from a long distance. It could serve well for an outdoor festival or event.

Drop Fade + Raw Parting

One of the best things about the drop fade is its ability to create a natural and even look as well as an arc-like fade round the lower sides. If you are into classic looks, adding the raw parting will give you the extra attention you want.

There is no specific way of doing this. Contrary to other hard parts, this one can be done close to the middle and is essentially used to bring out a difference between the two sides.

Classic Parting

The classic part can be traced back to the ’50s and ’60s, though its high and tight nature was simple back then. This right here is modernity at its finest. With long, freshly washed hair and the right barber, you can achieve this look, or even a dapper one.

The somewhat extreme parting and the light faded beard is like a cherry to the cake. If you want to remain old-school, you can maintain a pomade or a fine-toothed comb for a classic finish. But if you opt to stay up to date, you can rock a well-clipped spike or quiff like the one above.

Textured Crop

The long layers on the hairstyle above add texture to the messy, pointed tone. But that’s not the spectacular thing about it. What stands out is how one of the razors cuts back straight as the other one joins in the fade and merges with the beard.

A neat hairline, a messy top, and a stylish side skin fade. If you plan on wearing this, make sure all the details are included precisely. This would be ideal if you plan to go on holiday for a lengthy period, or during Summer.

Spiky Hair + Hard Parting

To achieve this look, you need to have lengthy hair and the right pomade gel to give the spikes a stronghold. Using a trimmer or razor, the hard part is created and runs symmetrically from the scalp to the back of the head.

This gives a clear outward distinction between the wavy spikes and the classic fade. The only difference between this and the other spiky styles is the nature of the hard part.

Short crop

The short crop is undeniably one of the simplest, easiest to achieve and stylish hairstyles on our list today: Hands down! The top is balanced evenly, the sides give a youthful look and have a tapered tone added to it.

Most notable is the simple cut that runs straight through the fade and short crop to make them easily distinguishable. If you are craving a quick style with enough energy to accentuate your official or casual wear, this is for you.

Low Fade

With a low fade, you can bring out a reserved yet classic nature. The simple technique tapers the hair down on the sides and can be styled into a mid, low or high fade. Regardless of the type of hair you have, a sharp razor cut can be included, add more life into the hair contrast.

With the outer edges, you can achieve a fresh youthful look whilst boasting the hard part. Other variations of this style include the low fade ponytail, comb over, fade perm, and bob fade, all of which can accommodate the shaved cut.


The dramatic contrast between these two sides of hair at different lengths is what gives this style a unique appearance. Whilst the top is usually spiked, there are a whole lot of variations that can be used as well.

Unlike most mohawk cuts, the additional razor cut not only helps show off the dimensional highlights but also encourages sophistication. You don’t need a well-groomed beard to achieve this, but if you have one, you would be able to merge different textures beautifully.

Pomp + Design Part

Like different layers of a complex illusion, this pomp has exceeded most of its counterparts; the razor cut being a major contributor to this. Despite being one of the most easily noticeably hairstyles, adding the hard part elevates you to a more superior level.

The hair on the sides can be faded into your neck to give you an elevated, energetic pompadour. Most importantly, pompadours demand proper maintenance.

French Crop + Hard Part

An ivy league among numerous hairstyles, the French crop is a must-try, especially if you are into styles such as the short crop; Simplicity at its best! cOn ordinary cases, the hair would abruptly become shorter on the sides, but this offers more refinement.

The hairline is conjoined with the well curved shaved line, running through the scalp to create more definition and contrast. This could be a great option when all else feels too generic.

Design Part

Before you start stressing your barber to get you this exact look, first understand there is no specific procedure or specially defined cut known as the design part. All that matters here is creativity. Like the cut above, you could go for an undercut with a full beard, a thin comb-over with a skin fade or a textured slick back with a fading beard.

What truly matters is achieving a stylish design accompanied by a slick haircut running from the front to the back. The extremely low contrast could also do some good if it is maintained at even levels all round.

Low Fade + Part

Ever desired the timeless Johnny Bravo look with no idea of how or when to do it? This is your time to shine, especially if you have some side buns or full beard! If you already have long hair, the easier time you have. All you need is some blowout and some blow-dry to set the hair straight.

Also known as the drop fade, this low variation raises the hairline to ensure a clean finish and maintain better quality when the hair grows out. Past the cut, the hair fades out behind the ears, to add an intricate layer of definition. On busier days, you can skip the styling part and run some shine spray to give your hair a casual but presentable tousled look.

All things considered,

Understanding your preference, shape, and getting the right barber contributes a lot to your final appearance. Thinking objectively, you now have 26 new ways to rock your hard part. There is nothing as good as having a wide range of styles to choose from.

Before anything, always make sure you have the right haircut in mind; Changing from a hard part could be cumbersome and time-consuming since hair growth is required.