Inside Lizeth Selene’s life, and sexuality

Lizeth Selene is a 22-year-old bombshell who gained recognition after releasing her hit single, Sin Ti. She followed up her successful debut by releasing more singles, including Pa Darle and 3 Para Las 10. Her collaboration with Mad Fuentes and Ghetto Kids on Muevelo, Sacdelo, widened her fan base. 

Selene announced herself in the entertainment world as a singer, but she’s experiencing more success in the acting arena. Lizeth made her acting debut in the 2021 film Bankrolled, playing the minor role of Borealis. This piece will look at Lizeth Selene’s ethnicity, career, and sexuality.

Lizeth Selene’s breakout role came in Netflix’s Rebelde reboot

Lizeth Selene is the name on everyone’s lips, following her stellar performance as Andi in Netflix’s Rebelde reboot. 

Selene was born on 7th February 1999 in Acapulco City, Mexico. She learned the basics of music from her grandfather but rarely performed in front of her family.

Instead, she preferred to upload her music on the internet. Lizeth saw an opportunity to grow her career when Sony Music Mexico started promoting musical talent in Mexico. She pitched a song to Sony, and the label signed her. 

Music gave Lizeth fame in Mexico, but acting made her a global sensation. Andi has proven to be Lizeth Selene’s breakout role. 

“To be a rebel is to be free,” Lizeth told deia. “I think that being a rebel is being free, people are very scared that you are free, they say: it is too rebellious.”

Andi in Rebelde conflicts with her parents and is a talented drummer with huge potential. “Andi feels a lot and that makes her suddenly have a bad temper, but she’s a good friend, she’s the drummer, she doesn’t have a good relationship with her parents and music helps her escape from that reality,” Selene added. 

Rebelde reflects modern times in its diversity. Lizeth continued: “They will be able to identify with our story, yes there us a lesson talking about personal tastes or fears for being such a thing, but there is an experience that people will be able to see on television and identify themselves.”

Lizeth has a lesbian storyline in Rebelde and is reportedly queer in real life

Lizeth’s character Andi has a lesbian storyline in Rebelde. The series promised to promote sexual diversity and has delivered on that front. 

Andi’s attraction to Emilia (Giovanna Grigio) starts when they meet. A relationship seems unlikely as Emilia has had some high-profile heterosexual relationships before. 

However, as the two interact, their attraction grows, leading to a secret relationship. Eventually, the pair go public with their romance during the ‘bands battle’ event. 

Lizeth Selene’s sexuality in real life is unclear. However, some publications claim that she identifies as queer. 

Selene believes that the secret to true beauty is self-love

Lizeth Selene and Vogue Mexico partnered to show Selene’s daily skincare and makeup routine. 

Selene showed the products she uses and how she uses them before offering the following advice: “The only thing a woman needs to live a life without filters is the love she has for herself.”