Is IShowSpeed gay? A look at Darren Watkins’ sexuality

IShowSpeed (real name: Darren Watkins) has Instagram and TikTok meme lords to thank for his exponential YouTube rise. The Ohio native never seemed likely to become a successful streamer until his face became a magnet for meme creators. Speed gained over a million YouTube subscribers in several months in 2021.

Speed complements his gaming skills with entertaining commentary. In a mid-September 2021 stream, Speed seemingly confirmed that he is gay. As he and musician Ava discussed matters love, Speed suddenly announced that he was gay. “G A Y,” Speed emphasized. However, a day later, Speed backtracked on his confession.

IShowSpeed emphasized that he is not gay via short YouTube video

On 12th September 2021, IShowSpeed posted a video confirming that he is not gay.

He stated that he was angry when he ‘came out’ via the livestream and implored fans to forget the confession. “I didn’t mean to say it,” Speed said.

“It was just a misunderstanding. Trust me, I’m straight.”

Speed’s U-turn is bound to disappoint fans that had celebrated his coming out moment.

Speed’s actions are also likely attract criticism. “Of course, he would make a video saying he’s straight,” @peepjxsh wrote on Twitter. “Because his whole community is toxic and homophobic.”