Jimmy DiResta and his wife Taylor Forrest don’t plan to have kids

Jimmy DiResta, a craftsman of global renown, stars in a new Netflix show titled Making Fun. It’s a show by children, for children: Jimmy and his crew bring to life (mostly pointless) designs created by children. The series targets the younger generation, but it will fascinate adults as Jimmy uses innovative methods to make some outrageous toys. 

DiResta began his career as a toy designer for the now-defunct brand dubbed DiResta. Therefore, in some ways, his career has come full circle. Jimmy’s previous stints on television were on Discovery Channel and HGTV. He also runs successful channels on YouTube and has published a book alongside John Baichtal. 

Jimmy’s wife, Taylor Forrest, is a skilled furniture maker

It turns out that Jimmy’s wife, Taylor Forrest, is just as handy as the famous craftsman. 

Taylor Forrest is a New York-based furniture maker. Her Instagram page and website demonstrate that she specializes in pieces with leather finishes. 

Her timeless pieces are pretty expensive, a testament to the high-quality materials and craftsmanship required to create them. 

DiResta and Taylor are in no rush to start a family

Jimmy’s most recent show targets kids, but not one of his own. DiResta and Taylor don’t have children and don’t seem eager to start a family. 

In episode one of the series, Jimmy says that he doesn’t enjoy designing toys. He adds: “To be honest with you, I don’t really like kids.”

Therefore, it’s improbable that Jimmy and Taylor will welcome children soon.