29 Coolest Haircuts for Kids

Long gone are the days of the bowl cut. Kids in 2020 want to stand out and use their imagination to play with their hair however they choose. For boys, there are so many new styles out there as well as innovations on the classics that feel fresh and new. We have so many cool cuts that kids are sure to love. Plus, every cut is adult approved.

Finding That Perfect Cool Cut

The latest fashions in hairstyling are bolder than ever before. Even kids can see that! So why not let them partake in the epic styles in their own way? Tons of boys are now rocking masterful fades, textured waves, quiffs, and pompadours. Every source of inspiration for your kid’s next sweet cut is all here; all that matters is how much upkeep you’re willing to take on. Let’s see the best styles that 2020 has to offer for kids.

#1: French Crop + Part

A French crop is perfect for the low maintenance kid. It’s stylish yet easy to maintain for focusing on playtime! This neat short bangs kids hairstyle is very in for 2020.

Kick it up a notch with a cool side part. Creative parts are all the rage these days and kids love them.

#2: Cool Texture

If you’re looking for classic boy’s haircut with a modern twist, consider a hairstyle with cool texture. This look is especially great on kids with straight hair and lots of body.

Kids hairstyles are at their best when they are fun and tidy. Give hair a little lift at the front of the forehead in a side swept manner for style and ease.

#3: Fade High

Kids love fades because they look super cool. Adults love them because of the numerous ways to create them. This look gives the best of both worlds by incorporating a cool side fade with lots of beautiful texture and length up top.

This texture is achieved through lots of short cut layers. For a less spiky effect, keep hair longer on the top of the head.

#4: Classic Crop

For boys, a crop will always be a got-to hairstyle. This cut is undoubtedly a classic, but the short layers make it perfect for 2020.

Crops are perfect for staying out of one’s face. It’s a cut kids and parents love because of its low maintenance appeal.

#5: Curly Hair + Mid Fade

This cut is the edgy hairstyle kids never knew they needed. Parents can be proud of their kid’s stylish look and boys can feel awesome rocking curly, polished hair.

Cropped curly hair is always great for boys, but the mid fade makes the hairstyle feel modern and fresh. To create this look, lightly buzz the top of the head to create shape. Give hair a mid fade part at the top of the temple.

#6: Undercut

Undercuts are that perfect in between style for boys. Hair can be kept long and the buzz is confined to the sides of the hair. However, it’s more manageable than totally long hair. A style like this is easier to polish up for more important occasions.

Let your kid choose to slick it all back or stick up with gel when they’re feeling extra playful!

#7: Low Fade

Fades are such a great update to the classic buzz cut. With a fade, hair is buzzed ultra short, but only in certain places. This hairstyle leaves so much room to be creative.

This cut is fun for kids because of the rounded shape the hair creates across the top of the forehead. It balances well with the angularity of the fade at the temples.

#8: Comb Over

Comb overs in 2020 give an old-fashioned style an updated twist. Kids are sure to love the style when you incorporate another popular look. This cool comb over has a fade but also a short, hard part detail for an extra spark of fun.

As if this hairstyle wasn’t cool enough for boys, check out the even shorter buzz at the tops of the ears.

#9: Texture Crop + Hard Part

This boy’s hairstyle is for the superhero! If you or your kid is looking for a bold look like this one, keep texture in mind as the most important factor.

Keep hair long on top to create edgy spikes. An asymmetrical part with a peak like this one is for the extra cool kid. And don’t forget that side fade!

#10: French Crop + Hard Part

A French crop is perfect for highlighting a sweet face. This style is a bit longer on top but has those unmistakable rounded bangs cut short at the forehead.

Kids are sure to like this look because of the modern hard part and buzz cut underneath. Counterbalance the top-heavy texture with an extra wide hard part.

#11: Mohawk

Kids always seem to love a Mohawk. So, the next time they ask for this epic look, take them up on the offer. It’s true that the look is undoubtedly punk and fun!

The key to keeping this Mohawk in with the times is shorter length and a contemporary buzz fade underneath.

#12: Beautiful Comb Over With Side Part

Comb overs never seem to go out of style. This one is the perfect kid cut for 2020 because of its polished appeal. Hair is texturized with gel for a detailed look that is preppy yet playful.

This haircut wears well even when not heavily styled. Kids can rest assured that they will be able to play to their heart’s content with this easy short style.

#13: Long Crop

What cool kid wouldn’t want to rock this hairstyle? It’s nice and short for staying out of the way yet still has a plenty of length on top for creating these cool bangs. For an easy and stylish cut, consider this long crop.

The look is perfect for 2020 thanks to the short cut sides. It’s the perfect contrast for edgy bangs. Make sure hair has plenty of layers for the best effect.

#14: Layered Cut

This beautiful layered style is completely unique. We love it because of its long length that is easy to style. It works best on fine or straight hair, however.

To create this look for boys, part hair down the center and smooth all along the part. Take the top two sections of hair on either side of the forehead and brush back in a sweeping motion. Secure with plenty of hairspray.

#15: Braid

Oversized braids are all the rage these days, so why not let the boys in on all the fun? A style like this is a great way to let kids express themselves by getting as creative as they want with the size and shape of their braids.

For a fun update on braids, have the stylist create an edgy fade on the sides and back of the head.

#16: Awesome Spike

These funky spikes are super easy to achieve on classic short haircuts. It’s undeniably fun for kids to rock, too! The key to creating these spikes are lots of layers cut on the top of the head.

Again, this style incorporates the faded buzz look that is all the rage for 2020. It’s easy to see why it’s considered so cool!

#17: Long Spike + Hard Part

This long spiky ‘do gives off a Mohawk vibe without the fuss of a cut. Longer hair up top means more styling options, too. Kids are sure to love all of the ways they can style their hair into inventive spikes.

Follow up this long spiky faux hawk with a buzzed undercut and a hard part that wraps all around the head.

#18: Pomp Fade

Pomp fades are so cool, even the kids want in on the action! For that special occasion, boys can rock this polished pompadour look that never seems to go out of style.

A fade helps kids manage a fun hairstyle like this one. They keep hair high and tight in a style that is perfect for school and play.

#19: Low Fade + Waves

Tightly cropped hairstyles don’t have to be boring! Even with super short hair, kids can rock the fun haircuts that are big for 2020.

For boys with naturally curly hair, cut the crop as the top of the head close enough to create the beautiful fade down the sides of the head. The rounded forehead contrasts with the angularity of the cut on the outsides of the forehead.

#20: Mid Fade With Man Bun

You know that man buns are in when even the kids are sporting them! Buns are perfect for kids with long hair and lots of activities to accomplish.

To create this look, hair fades into shorter lengths with a big drop-off at the tops of the temples. Buzz it around the years for a fresh, cool look.

#21: Comb Over

Comb overs are undoubtedly sweet on kids. Hard parts and deep side parts are still polished but also cool and modern for 2020.

Boys that prefer their hair cropped short can definitely wear a comb over. Straight styles work best for creating precision.

#22: Cool Spike

What kid wouldn’t love this cool, spiky hairstyle? Take a cropped style up a notch with sky-high spikes that both boys and adults admire.

Don’t use too much product when creating this look, otherwise hair looks crunchy. The key is creating the shape of the spikes without overworking the hair.

#23: Pompadour

Pompadours are that old style that is so fresh it looks like it was invented yesterday. Hairstyles for 2020 have so much volume on the top, so why not help kids rock a bold pompadour?

This look is best on straight-haired kids for creating that smoothness. The key to keeping it modern is the awesome side fade.

#24: Quiff + Icy

Beautiful hair deserves to be noticed, so show it off with a sleek quiff style. This look isn’t for every kid, but if they want to try it, why not go for it? The long, even length up top is easy to maintain, whether styled into a quiff or relaxed.

Try a fun color like this icy platinum if you can commit to the upkeep, or just for a fun one-off.

#25: Taper Fade

Taper fades are for the ultra stylish kid! This look has beautiful pin curls to show off natural texture while remaining miraculously polished.

Kids may not care about looking pulled together, but this style checks every box- both for neatness and fun.

#26: Beautiful Comb Over

When kids want height and texture but a Mohawk is out of the question, try a comb over. This one is beautiful and has tons of volume!

Edgy, straight lines are a defining trait of cool hairstyles for kids in 2020. Make that comb over modern with a square cut at the temples.

#27: Layered Top

A cropped hairstyle with front flipped bangs has been popular with kids for a while now. What makes this cut different is its polished and precise appeal.

Show off texture with layers. Finish it up with gel and a wide toothed comb for the texture. A layered top cut makes kids and adults happy.

#28: Long Crop With Details

Looking for a fun way to style bangs? For short hair with long bangs covering the forehead, consider creating spiky texture at the tips of bangs.

Boys love creating spikes. This style has the option for creativity without too much sacrifice. Sweep it all back for a pompadour or to the side for a classic and easy look.

#29: Clean Mid Fade

This look is all about neatness and precision. The short length makes it easy for kids to maintain, however.

For this style, the focus is on a hard part over the right eye. The hair on top is long and sleek yet tapers off into a dramatic side fade.