20 Stunning Layered Haircuts With Bangs

Layers are probably the most versatile tools to making interesting hairstyles. They create movement on all hair types and can either thin out thick hair or create an illusion of thickness on thin hair. They can be short, long, choppy, or seamless. When you want to cut bangs, layers provide cohesion all throughout the hairstyle. Long gone are the days of boring hair!

Creating Your Best Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

Layers and bangs make for a great combination for your next favorite haircut. Cut thick bangs and long choppy layers if your hair is long. For short hair, use layers to create volume and bangs for sassy style. Layers can be as vibrant or as subtle as you are, depending on how much effort you want to put into styling each day. We’ve complied all of the best layered looks with bangs, so let’s see what is in store!

#1: Medium Length + Long Bangs

Even though this hairstyle is medium length, this look is all about creating long lean lines. The layers are subtly cut on the bottom portion of the hair while long, thick bangs act as a curtain to frame the face.

Layers are perfect on blonde hair, as seen here. They can hide breakage and promote growth, all while serving us some sexy movement.

#2: Shaggy Bob

This haircut wouldn’t be the same without shaggy layers and bangs. By definition, shag cuts are layered for texture, movement, and style. A bob is no different!

This look is especially great for thin hair types. By choosing a bob, your hair will still appear thick. Have your stylist cut bangs long on each side of the face to create a sweeping motion.

#3: Long Brunette Shag

Shags are the perfect way to go if you want to utilize layers and bangs for a sexy, effortless hairstyle. The layers of this style are concentrated on the bottom portion of the hair. Tousled, bedhead waves mimic that movement.

Finish it off with classic shag bangs. Avoid the curtain effect from longer bangs if you have an especially long face shape.

#4: Shag Bangs + Face Framing Layers

This medium length cut has layers, but instead of focusing them on the ends of hair, they are concentrated at the jawline, all around the head.

Ask your stylist to cut several wispy layers to frame the face to rest along the jawline. The bangs are cut along a gradient, sweeping to each side and stopping at eye level.

#5: A Line Bob

Fine hair, have no fear! Layers are the best friend of thin hair. They help give this A line bob tons of extra volume and touch-me texture.

For the perfect style, cut bangs long and swept to the side. Create a messy look for the ultimate bed head appeal or wear hair straight and smooth for silky movement.

#6: Long Layers + Center Part Bangs

Thick hair deserves a thick fringe, and these bangs are so delicious! Have your stylist cut them ultra thick, starting farther back along a middle part.

To really let a thick fringe shine, concentrate your layers on the tips of the hair. Soft, tousled waves continue the feeling of movement.

#7: Bob + Side Swept Bangs

If you want to give your layered bob an edge, add some gorgeous side swept bangs. These bangs also have layers and work well with the rest of the hairstyle.

To bring this honey colored bob to life, add shorter layers at the back of head. Layers can lend dimension and lift to short bob styles, especially if your hair is fine.

#8: Long Hair + Razor Cut

Bangs instantly add interest to even the most mundane of hairstyles. Like a shag, these bangs are thick, though these are choppy and skim the eyebrows.

If your tresses are long, add subtle layers at the bottom of the hair and several throughout the body. It will not only pull the style together, but give thick hair some breathing room.

#9: Messy Bob + Bangs

A messy bob is all about texture. If you’re looking to give your straight hair some life, consider chopping it off into bob with layered ends and a thick, shaggy fringe.

By focusing layers at the bottom of the hair, this bob appears thicker and more textured. As for the bangs, these babies are long and hang over the eyebrows.

#10: Ash Color + Long Wispy Bangs

Stand apart this season with layers and bangs in a modern ash color. The medium length is easy to wear and the long bangs make styling fun.

To keep these straight bangs from appearing too jarring, ask your stylist for some subtle layers cut throughout the length of the hair. We love how the bangs are kept straight against these tousled waves for contrast.

#11: Long Sexy Layers

Give off a bombshell vibe without all of the fussy primping. If your hair has lots of body, keep it long and layered for a totally sexy look.

As for the bangs, keep them somewhat wispy and parted in the middle. This will work best with the long length of the hair. Feather the ends of the hair, but focus layers around the face at the base of the neck and chest.

#12: Curly Layers + Bangs

Layers can work wonders for curly hair. They work to break up volume so hair is stylish and manageable. Focus layers at the bottom half of the hair for medium length curls.

Keep the fringe piecey to avoid unnecessary frizz. A few longer curls on the sides of the face pull this layered look together.

#13: Tousled Layers

Spice up a simple lob with some gorgeous layers. This length is super popular right now and the choppy layers keep it even trendier.

As for the bangs, mimic the chop with a blunt cut fringe. The look is definitely wispy as opposed to super thick. This cut works wonders on a round face shape!

#14: Bob With Blunt Layers

It’s amazing what layers can do for pin straight hair. Suddenly that fine texture has body and moves beautifully. Whether your bob is a lovely brunette or a platinum blonde, a chin length bob looks great with layers cut underneath the cheekbone.

Cut long, wispy bangs for a cohesive style. Part them down the middle or swoop them to side. Either way, you’ll look great!

#15: Long And Silky

If your hair texture is silky smooth, you’ll need layers and bangs to add some oomph. For long hair, long layers and bangs will work best.

Create a center part and cut the long bangs so that they hit the top of the cheekbone then blend out into the rest of the hair. Focus layers on the bottom half of the hair. Long locks look great silky straight or curled for a bit of movement.

#16: Beach Blonde + Curtain Fringe

Beachy babes can totally rock bangs, though maybe not in the traditional sense. Long bangs that frame the face not only add interest to otherwise simple long hair, but they can also conceal breakage that is typical for blonde hair.

For a round face, have the bangs dust the tops of the cheekbones to elongate the lower half of your face.

#17: Long Bangs For Thick Hair

Thick hair often needs layers to break up any bulk. Cutting hair with a razor is a great way to thin out the ends of hair to create some delicious movement.

Short bangs can be hard to manage on this hair type, so keep the nice and long, as seen here. It will also help them blend in with the body of the hair.

#18: Brunette Waves

The subtle brunette balayage of this look is gorgeous, but it’s the cut that matters most. The layers are more drastic at the bottom of the hair, giving off an edgy, tousled vibe.

A fringe is the perfect way to complete this wavy hairstyle. Lightly feather your bangs to mimic this look.

#19: Blunt Cut Lob

Believe it or not, blunt cut lobs can still have layers. In fact, layers will help to keep a severe chop a little more playful. The key is to cut subtly, and not with a heavy hand!

Because this babe has thick hair, a thicker fringe is well suited. The ends should remain slightly wispy for movement. If your hair is thinner, feel free to keep bangs wispy all throughout the cut.

#20: Strawberry Blonde Layers

What can be sexier than the ultimate bed head look? This look has all the texture necessary for a laid back vibe and the layers help make it possible.

Though the hair is long, the layers are cut rather short throughout the hair, but not in a specific manner. These layers are meant to appear messy and not too perfect. Long bangs with choppy ends are a natural fit for this look.