London’s Graphic Tales: Told by Creato’s Graphic Design Experts

Our visual environment is shaped by graphic design, which impacts everything from social media and marketing to fashion and interior design. However, as the graphic design sector develops, design trends, styles, and methods always change. Here are the trends that will dominate London graphic design industry.

London’s Graphic Tales


Although the term “anti-branding” may seem paradoxical, many businesses have embraced it to show their honesty and relatability. The “new eco” trend is strongly tied to minimal, aspirational, and future-oriented anti-branding.

The anti-branding movement frequently includes monochrome packaging, minimal messaging, and hardly perceptible branding; it is a stripped-back style that includes everything from neutral embossed logos to sloppy calligraphy and illegible typography. Anti-branding is a technique used by designers to give creations a human expression.

Creative Typography

San serif typefaces have recently been used by tech behemoths like Google and Spotify and fashion companies like Burberry and YSL to simplify their logos. Still, brand designers and digital artists have also been experimenting with typography.

Experimental typography must push the limits of conventional typography to produce text-based designs. Experimental typography is worth looking into if you’re searching for something fresh and intriguing to try in your graphic design job. Thanks to this novel method, designers may add a distinctive, edgy flare without overpowering the visual experience.

Y2K Evolution

The noughties are still impacting current design trends, and several illustrators, graphic designers, and artists are pushing the Y2K Aesthetic to new heights. Microtrends, such as pastel, grunge, and bubblegum colours, cyber-inspired artwork, 3D designs, and metallic textures, are thus becoming increasingly popular. This graphic design aesthetic is ideal for brands who wish to convey a current sensibility without losing the sense of their past.

Radiant Gradients

Gradients can easily and effectively add colour and texture to any design while also being adaptable and aesthetically pleasant. Although they have been well-liked, designers have recently turned up the heat with more daring implementations. These experiments have produced some quite quirky mixtures.

Vivid Minimalism

Vibrant minimalism was particularly well-liked in product packaging during the year 2022, but the style is now spreading to other types of design. The vivid minimalism trend balances restraint and playfulness by combining straightforward design elements with brilliant, dramatic colours.

A project benefits from the joyful energy of vivid minimalism without sacrificing its impeccable design. This fashion combines minimalist and maximalist elements, preserving the refinement of the designs while giving them a distinctive edge.

AI Design

Over the past ten years, artificial intelligence technologies have penetrated various industries, including healthcare, entertainment, and the recently launched AI-backed design organisations. They have also started to have an impact on the design industry. Text-to-image AI generators can now create stunning visuals and artwork using algorithms and data sets. And by doing so, they are accelerating work processes and creating limitless potential.

Many design firms are now creating brand work and marketing campaigns on platforms with AI. Some people worry that software may replace the abilities of actual designers. However, with the appropriate guidance, AI might advance in a way that benefits rather than harms the design community.

New Freedom

The pandemic brought about numerous guidelines and limitations. Designers are playing with our society’s newfound sense of freedom as we return to normal. This “new freedom” has produced uplifting artwork, cheery, upbeat colour schemes, and expanded design possibilities. Following the pandemic, designers are developing a new, optimistic outlook, which is reflected in their work.

Candy Pastels

Even while bold hues are trending this year, pastels’ enduring appeal shows that calming tones will always be in design. These lovely, calming hues lend an aesthetic appeal to any design project, from packaging and branding to marketing and graphic design, and are the ideal counterbalance to the garishness of bright and vivid colours.

These relaxing tones are being used more in social media assets and site design as digital displays advance and colour richness rises. They make the ideal contrast to the equally popular bright and vibrant colours.

Foundational Diversity

Diversity is a practice and a commitment, not a fad. On the other hand, the “foundational diversity” trend is all about businesses making diversity a core value and incorporating diverse practices into all aspects of their operations, including branding and design.

We anticipate seeing more designs that put diversity front and centre in the future as more companies and graphic designers actively work to promote diversity and inclusivity.

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There is a lot of graphic design skill in London. London’s distinctive fusion of cultures and aesthetics has given rise to some of the most recognisable designs in history, and the city’s graphic designers are continuously challenged to invent and set new trends. Many graphic designing agencies like Creato have created immersive and interactive experiences for their clients.