Merrell Twins’ ethnicity: what we know about their parents

The Merrell Twins are identical sisters demonstrated through their success that you can make it on social media by posting clean content. With the help of their father, Paul Merrell, Veronica ‘Roni’ and Vanessa ‘Nessa’ launched hugely successful channels on YouTube. Due to the assistance he’s offered his children, he’s sometimes referred to as the third Merrell twin. 

Paul operates behind the camera, recording their daughters’ hilarious videos. The twins’ mother is rarely involved in the production process, but she’s done plenty to facilitate her children’s success. 

The Merrell Twins are of Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican, German, and Irish descent. Read on to find out more about their parents. 

The Twins’ mother had a birth complication, forcing doctors to perform a C-section

The Merrell Twins were born on 6th August 1996 in Kansas City, Missouri to Paul and Wendy Merrell. Vanessa was born 45 minutes later than Veronica after a birth complication developed. 

Veronica had a standard delivery. However, after her birth, Wendy’s labor progression stopped. Imaging showed that Vanessa’s umbilical cord lay around her neck. 

To save Vanessa and her mom, doctors performed an emergency C-section. Unfortunately, Vanessa had underdeveloped lungs: she had a difficult first few weeks, but she recovered. 

Vanessa and Veronica had a traditional upbringing in Kansas City, Missouri. Paul’s father told Pfeiffer Law:

“They did [have a traditional upbringing], they really did. Traditional Midwest values. We just really emphasize family and our community was really, really close. It’s like a small town within the big city, you know, very tight knit community.”

Wendy kept the twins connected with their Mexican roots through food. “My wife’s from Mexico and so her mom loves to cook on Sundays,” Paul continued. “So after church we’d go over and have Sunday dinner and just kind of good old Midwestern family values was a lot of fun.”

The Twins’ parents moved the family to Kansas City to expose them to more opportunities

Veronica and Vanessa showed love for performance early on. They started by showing interest in music when they were around five years.

Fortunately, their dad had a musical background, so he was more than willing to help his twins. They started with piano before moving to other instruments. “Veronica started playing guitar, violin. Vanessa started playing bass and cello,” Paul said

Christmas is always a fun occasion with so many multi-instrumentalists in the house. “Christmases are fun because we get out and play a bunch of Christmas carols together with violin and cello,” Paul added. 

In the middle of all that, the Twins asked for a Barbie camera. Instead, Paul bought them a Sony MiniDV camera, telling them, “If you’re going to do it, let’s do it right.”

Despite their daughters’ immense interest in performance, their parents weren’t convinced that they had the talent to succeed. However, their showing at a talent competition in Florida erased all doubts:

“They won almost all category they were in and people were telling us they had it, not people that are just paid to be there but like actual agencies, and we got some call backs to come out to California. We were like, okay, girls there’s something here, you know, we’re not crazy.”

Paul did more than teach his children how to use a camera and edit videos. He researched YouTube’s business model to provide the Twins with the best chances of online success. He continued:

“I researched YouTube as just, you know, kind of the business model was coming up back in the day and they were like we want to start doing entertainment and music and do some more things and said, well, you know, you have a full production company right here.”

Eventually, Paul and Wendy decided to move the family to Los Angeles to expose the Twins to better opportunities. “Once we felt like the girls were like, yeah, this is something we really want to do, and they were committed to it, we said, ‘Alright, let’s take a risk. Let’s move,’” Paul said. 

Paul sold everything, including his beloved boat, but it was all worth it.

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