Most budget friendly diamond choices from Rare Carat

Whether you’re looking for diamonds for a loved one or as a gift to yourself, Rare Carat is the place to shop. You can purchase both mined and lab created diamonds from Rare Carat. If your goal is to find something both beautiful and budget friendly, Rare Carat is the best place to buy lab-created diamonds of incredible quality.

A Bit of the History of Lab Created Diamonds

Lab created diamonds were first developed for industrial purposes by General Electric. As they honed their skills, they developed the ability to create gem quality stones. Lab created diamonds are made of exactly the same product as mined diamonds, which is carbon. Lab created diamonds must pass the same restrictive inspections as naturally mined diamonds. Because lab created diamonds are created in an orderly fashion and can be generated with regularity, you’ll find that a 1 carat round diamond from the lab created offerings at Rare Carat will run about $800. A mined diamond of similar size and quality will cost more than $1,200.00.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Diamond

Lab created diamonds offer other benefits. Until just recently, the industry of diamond mining was quite destructive to both people and the environment. There are many areas of the planet that are still dealing with the damage done by diamond mining, including a contaminated water supply. For those that are concerned about the environment and about fair compensation for those impacted by the industry of diamond mining, a lab created diamond is a much greener choice.

Getting a Great Ring for a Great Price

If you’re looking for a ring to give as a gift or as an engagement ring, it’s important to carefully consider daily use. Does your intended love sparkle and flash? In such cases, a round or Princess cut diamond might be the best choice. If you plan to place the ring in a solitaire setting, be aware that either of these stones will stand proud of the ring and may catch or easily bump on other surfaces until the wearer becomes more used to the ring.

For fans of sparkle, it may also be time to consider adding a halo to the center stone. Here, Rare Carat can help you find even better bargains. For example, you can focus the majority of your ring budget on that 1 Carat Round Diamond at the center of the halo. You can add a circlet of smaller diamonds, still beautiful but of slightly lesser quality, to enhance the beauty of the center stone.

If your intended works with their hands, a ring with a lower profile might be a better choice. In such a situation, an Asscher or cushion cut might be a better choice. Both of these stones are quite lovely, and their edges are a bit more rounded. Instead of a sharp corner, the wearer will have a softer edge to deal with. Both of these stones are also quite beautiful in a deeper band that offers more protection for the featured diamond.

Take Your Time and Design Your Own

Once you have a good idea of the best design for your beloved, take a look at the metals and settings available from Rare Carat. Study the rings that your intended currently wears. Do they wear a lot of gold? You can create a gold band with a brilliant solitaire and match their current favorites.

If your intended wears a lot of silver, consider a white gold band. White gold is often a good choice for an engagement ring because you can create a set of wedding bands from the same metal and both of you will enjoy this combination of metal and stone for daily wearing.

It’s also a good idea to hold some of your ring budget in reserve for those wedding bands. Will you be wearing simple wedding bands, or would you like to embed small diamonds in your matching bands? The square princess cut diamond is actually a nice way to add sparkle to a wedding band by embedding it in the body of the metal. This small amount of sparkle in a heavy band can be quite striking on both male and female hands.

Now is the time to check out the offerings on Rare Carat. You can check out your options either by starting with your budget or by choosing your favorite shape of stone to feature. The professionals at Rare Carat can help you build a unique ring of striking beauty.