Who is Nicholas Galitzine dating? His rumored relationships with costars

Nicholas Galitzine, the London-born actor, is finally getting his due as the leading man in movies. His recent venture as the romantic lead opposite Sofia Carson in Netflix’s Purple Hearts is a promising step for future roles.

In his eight-year career, Galitzine has managed to keep his personal affairs out of the spotlight. However, that did not stop the media from speculating as he has had his fair share of rumored relationships. While Galitzine has been linked to a few of his costars, he has yet to confirm anything as of now.

Nicholas Galitzine was rumored to be dating his ‘Chambers’ costar Lilli Kay

Shortly after the release of the Netflix series Chambers in 2019, rumors about a possible relationship among its cast began circulating. Nicholas Galitzine was suspected of dating his costar Lilli Kay.

Despite the growing gossip, neither party made any comment on the topic and the rumor soon died out. Though the two may or may not have dated in the past, it is believed that the relationship is not ongoing currently.

Likewise, the actor’s closeness with actress Gideon Adlon, his costar in the horror film ‘The Craft: Legacy’, was also noted by fans. But it is confirmed that they are nothing more than friends.

Galitzine went on to star as Prince Charming in the 2021 musical ‘Cinderella’ where he was linked to Camilla Cabello. However, Cabello was in a long-term relationship with fellow singer Shawn Mendes at the time.

Also, Galitzine and Cabello have been open about their friendship on social media and it is unlikely that they have a relationship beyond being good friends. Therefore, it is safe to say that Galitzine does not seem to be dating anyone in the public eye.