Peyton Meyer’s girlfriend: Peyton and his girlfriend TAELA appear unbothered by their sex tape leak

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks for Peyton Meyer: He’s seen a film he’s starred in titled He’s All That debut successfully on Netflix and allegedly starred in a sex tape that leaked on Twitter. The two events have made Peyton Meyer a trending topic, and luckily, he seems to be enjoying it. 

Few are complaining that Peyton is mostly shirtless in He’s All That. The actor rose to fame playing Lucas Friar in Disney’s Girl Meets World. He also played Trip in the ABC series American Housewife

Peyton Meyer is dating singer Taylor Mae LaCour. Let’s look at their relationship and Peyton’s past relationships. 

Peyton Meyer and Taylor appear unfazed by the sex tape leak

Taylor Mae, known professionally as TAELA, announced that she was dating Peyton Meyer via a TikTok posted in February 2021. In the #childhoodcrushcallenge, TAELA posted a picture of her childhood crush – a younger version of Peyton – and her current partner, Peyton Meyer. 

Peyton made the relationship Instagram official by posting a picture of TAELA on Instagram on Valentine’s day. Since then, the pair regularly post each other on Instagram. 

The pair seem unfazed by a leaked sex tape allegedly showing the couple having sex. Peyton and TAELA have created two unverified TikTok pages in response to the leak. 

The accounts feature a video showing the pair dancing together ‘Several Months Later.’ The video intends to show that the couple will remain together regardless of whatever appears on the internet. 

Taylor and Peyton appear to have seen the funny side of the leak. “I love that y’all can joke about it,” one TikToker commented. “Imagine someone hacking your phone, stealing your identity and putting your private info all over the internet,” Taylor’s account replied.

The couple’s relationship seems very serious. Per a mid-April 2021 Instagram post, Peyton seems to have formed a bond with Mae’s son from a previous relationship, River. Meyer dedicated the following message to Taylor on her birthday:

“Your strength is contagious and you have made me a better man. I don’t know who brought you into my life but I need to start writing some thank you notes.”

Meyer previously dated actor Angeline Appel and was linked with Sabrina Carpenter

In August 2018, the notoriously private Peyton shared an insight into his love life. Peyton acknowledged his love for privacy as he dedicated the following message to his then-girlfriend Angeline Appel:

“I have to share with you guys. I met someone. We have been friends for years. Our individual lives were very complicated back in the day, so a romantic life together seemed impossible. I’m glad time had a funny way of changing that. I know you don’t like your birthday but today’s a special day. Happy birthday beautiful.”

An Instagram post by Angeline a year later confirmed that she was still dating Peyton. “Life’s way too fucking short to fall for people who don’t love you loudly, or for relationships that don’t set your soul on fire,” she wrote. “So this is what you need to know about love – always chase the person that scares you.”

“Don’t settle for comfort, love wildly. I’m over the moon for you love.”

It’s unclear when Peyton’s relationship with Angeline ended. She is an actor known for appearing in Shameless and Happyland

Peyton has been linked to other celebrities, including Sabrina Carpenter, Paris Berelc, and Vanessa Rose Lowden.