All about Piper Rockelle’s Boyfriend & Dating History

Piper Rockelle is one of the most famous child YouTube stars in the world. She commands a following of 7.67 million on YouTube and 4.4 million on Instagram and is the leader of a group of content creators known as ‘The Squad.’ Piper’s content mostly consists of prank and challenge videos.

Rockelle hasn’t had the easiest time as a social media star, with controversies involving her family threatening to derail her progress. However, she seems to emerge stronger from every setback and has established a singing career to support her social media endeavors.

Piper’s love life has always been the subject of intense interest. This piece will look at Piper’s boyfriend Lev Cameron, her ex Gavin Magnus, and her rumored relationships.

Piper and her boyfriend Lev Cameron will celebrate their anniversary in mid-May 2021

After months of speculation, Piper confirmed that she was dating Lev Cameron via an 18th July 2020 Instagram post featuring the following caption: “5.13.20.” In mid-December 2020, the couple celebrated 7-months together. 

Piper attached the following caption alongside a photo of the couple: “You are the [key] to my [heart]. 7-month check. #Liper.” The couple enjoys celebrating their love via Instagram. Lev Cameron, in particular, has flooded his Instagram page with photos of his girlfriend. 

“They don’t see you how I see you,” Lev wrote alongside photos of the pair dressed in white by the seashore. Lev and Piper also collaborate on YouTube and aren’t averse to pranking each other for content.

The couple will celebrate a year together in mid-May 2021. 

Piper’s ex-boyfriend Gavin Magnus cited a toxic work environment as the reason for his breakup with Piper

“It wasn’t a good environment,” Gavin said in an interview. He admitted to missing Piper Rockelle, but he couldn’t stand the toxic work environment created by Piper Rockelle’s mom. 

In a tell-all video posted in November 2019, Gavin explained in detail the reasons why he ended his relationship with Piper. He described his relationship with Piper as more of a business arrangement than a genuine friendship – an arrangement controlled by Piper Rockelle’s mom. 

Gavin stated that Piper’s mom controlled every aspect of his life, including which events he could attend and who he could interact with. She also accused her of using abusive language while speaking to him. Magnus stated that the situation came to a head when Piper’s mom offered him a vape. He explained:

“I couldn’t hang out with anyone unless they approved. It was honestly just a really toxic environment and it was not fun at all. I worked with them for at least six, seven months, and that was probably the most stressful almost-year of my life.”

Magnus and his mom wanted to exit the relationship peacefully, but Piper’s mom wasn’t happy about it. She started a social media campaign titled #unfollowGavin, which cost Gavin thousands of followers. However, the loss didn’t affect Gavin’s resolve to leave the arrangement. 

He had no hard feelings towards Piper; he even tried to establish communication with her, but Piper didn’t respond. According to his statements in the video, he doesn’t maintain contact with Piper or anyone in her squad. 

It was rumored that Walker Bryant dated Piper Rockelle

For a long time, fans couldn’t tell whether Piper was in a relationship with Walker Bryant or Lev Cameron. She acted like she was in a relationship with both of them, and none seemed to mind.

Walker paved the way for Lev to date Piper when he started dating Indi Star. However, he had to ask for approval from Piper before he pursued a relationship with Indi Star. Indi also confirmed via Instagram that she’d talked to Piper about her relationship with Walker:

“The video was about me telling Piper about how Walker and I had been playing video games and had developed feelings for each other and Piper gave her blessing for us to pursue the relationship. Everyone is happy and fine with how things turned out.”

Walker and Indi Star’s relationship seems to have ended as they no longer post each other on social media.