Rare Carat’s Commitment To Transparency in The Diamond Market


For many years, the diamond industry operated in a closed environment with very little transparency. These included the sale of the diamonds itself and the entire supply chain. The good thing is that things started changing, albeit gradually. The International Gem Society appreciates the superiority of diamonds among other stones and acknowledges that diamonds are forever. This article explores the commitment to transparency in the diamond industry by Rare Carat in the context of the best engagement rings to buy.

Rare Carat’s Commitment to Transparency in the Diamond Market

Companies such as Rare Carat became pioneer companies when it came to transparency in the diamond industry. To start with, Rare Carat has been at the forefront of enhancing traceability in the process of mining diamonds. Rare Carat can tell the story of its diamonds, and more specifically, the origin. This makes the company an ideal source of the best engagement rings to buy.

Rare Carat as depicted in https://www.pinterest.com/rare_carat/, one of the most reputable companies in the diamond industry, has laid a strong focus on sustainability. The word sustainability generally means the use of resources in a manner that is responsible, and minding the future generation. The field of natural diamonds faces many challenges which are related to sustainability. One of the biggest problems is that the process of mining diamonds has been accused of allowing child labor. In addition to that, regular workers are often paid low wages and work in very harsh conditions. Again, the more natural diamonds are mined, the higher the rate of their depletion.

What responsible companies are doing is that they are investing in the processing of lab-grown diamonds on top of the natural ones. The lab-grown diamonds are not vulnerable to being depleted. In any case, the technology they use will be better and more affordable in the future, thereby increasing the quantity of lab-grown diamonds in the market. Unlike the naturally mined diamonds, the lab-grown diamonds do not have a negative impact on the animal population.

Diamonds have been accused of fueling conflict and funding the guerrilla conflicts. This humanitarian accusation has overshadowed the glamor of the diamond and its value when compared to other stones. The Kimberly process is now used by reputable diamond dealers to ensure that diamonds do not fund any rebel movement or conflict and that the sale of diamonds does not in any way threaten a legitimate government.

Transparency in doing business is not merely a business process, but rather, it is part of organizational culture among responsible companies. It forms a part of a company’s branding and plays a critical role in building the reputation of the business. Again, transparency in the diamond industry is a process and not an event. Thus, companies engaging in transparency do so continually as they strive to reach perfection. It is not just about certifications and following standards, but it is about having a real impact in the market.

The use of advanced technology supports the process of sustainability. For example, the use of blockchain technology has proved effective in ensuring that the mining process is a transparent process and that it benefits all stakeholders.

However, diamond companies should ensure that they strike a balance between transparency and profitability. Thus, they must seek practical ways of remaining profitable even as they strive to protect the consumers and the environment. One of the best ways of doing this is going online. The ability to go online reduces the cost of overhead, and this benefit is passed on to the consumer. Again, companies such as Rare Carat ensure that they reduce the number of middlemen in the supply chain process in order to pass the benefit to the consumers. With this, it becomes easier to trace the diamond.


More transparency in the diamond industry will lead to a revolution in the entire industry. The biggest beneficiary of this revolution will be the consumers. This is because the consumers will have more diamonds, high-quality diamonds, and affordable diamonds. Companies such as Rare Carat will be the company of choice for your diamond needs due to their high level of transparency.