Is Seer Lil Nas X? The pair have similarities but they are not the same person

Seer is perhaps the most exciting addition on season 10 of Apex Legends. Fans were excited when Apex gave a teaser of his appearance and skills, but he’s arguably more popular now that fans have used him in-game. The Legend with glowing eyes has command of an army of microdrones that help him decimate enemies. 

Seer’s powers are not the only things that have fans excited. His resemblance to rapper Lil Nas X has also stirred fan excitement as they hype a potential collaboration between Apex Legends and Nas X. 

Seer is not modeled after Lil Nas X, but the pair share several similarities

Seer and Lil Nas share several similarities, especially when it comes to fashion choice. 

Nas is a fan of the cowboy hat, and there was a time that he rarely stepped out without it. Seer dons a spectacular wide-brimmed hat that fans claim is connected to Lil Nas.

The Legend’s outfit also features plenty of gold accents. Remember when Lil Nas loved appearing in a black and gold outfit?

Add that Seer, and Lil Nas are black, and some fans are convinced that Apex modeled Seer after Lil Nas X. 

Respawn is yet to comment on the comparison. However, the revelation that Seer is pansexual has cast doubt on the assumption that Seer is Lil Nas.  

Nas is gay while Seer is pansexual, meaning that his attraction to somebody has nothing to do with their gender. 

Seer’s voice actor is also not Lil Nas X, despite pleas by fans to have Seer voiced by Lil Nas. Seer’s voice actor is Ike Amadi. 

As many fans have pointed out, Lil Nas and Seer share similarities. However, based on the information from Respawn, we conclude that Seer is not Lil Nas X.