Who is Simone Ashley dating? Her love life explored

Simone Ashley’s character Kate Sharma on Bridgerton arrives in England from India looking to find love for her sister Edwina. Anthony Bridgerton, the most eligible bachelor on the land, is the perfect suitor. Edwina and Anthony are drawn to each other, but he’s also attracted to Kate, forming a love triangle featuring two siblings. 

Kate appears to despise Anthony at first, but she soon grows fond of him. In the end, Kate and Anthony marry, getting their happily ever after. 

Simone’s love life is nowhere near as scandalous as her characters’. Ashley has quite a low-key dating life, which we explore below. 

Simone Ashley doesn’t appear to be dating anyone

We have scoured Simone Ashley’s interviews and social media pages, and we’ve found no hint that she’s dating. 

Ashley’s Instagram page shows that she’s very fond of her dogs. “I’m really good with dogs,” Ashley told Entertainment Weekly

Simone has opted to keep her private life secret as her acting star rises. She told Glamour that she does not reveal too much when uploading social media posts. 

“Now, I’ve got to make a decision,” she said. “Do I want the world to see this or not? How much of my personal life do I want to share?”

Ashley enjoyed playing Jonathan Bailey’s love interest in Bridgerton

Ashley told Porter Magazine that she and Jonathan had ‘explosive’ chemistry. “Johnny and I have incredible working chemistry,” Simone said. “It was explosive.” Simone said that the pair didn’t spend much time off set but always had each other’s backs on set. 

Simone told People that Jonathan made her feel extra comfortable during sex scenes. She said:

“Johnny was an amazing co-partner to work with. We always had each other’s backs and made sure that each other, as much as we were doing our own work and we were on our own journeys, we would always check in with one another and make sure that they were okay.”

Jonathan is not as secretive as Ashley about his personal life. He is reportedly dating James Ellis.