What is Taylor Lautner’s ethnicity? He has Native American and European roots

Taylor Lautner ended the first decade of the 21st century as the highest-paid teenage actor in Hollywood. The next decade would prove disappointing for one of the breakout stars from The Twilight Saga. His stock dropped dramatically as he starred in films that became commercial and critical flops. 

Lautner hasn’t given up yet as he hopes that his extensive experience in acting will pay off. Taylor is set to star in Adam Sandler’s upcoming film Home Team, representing his first film appearance since 2016.

Jacob Black, Taylor’s most iconic character, was Native American. You might be surprised to learn that Taylor also has Native American roots. 

Taylor draws Dutch, French, German, and Native American roots from his parents

Taylor was born on 11th February 1992 to Deborah and Daniel Lautner in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Taylor’s parents raised Taylor and his younger sister, Makena, as Roman Catholics. 

Lautner spoke of his Native American roots after Jacob Black’s popularity soared to previously unimaginable heights. Taylor told MTV:

“I am part Native American. We learned that through [preparing for] this film. I’m French, Dutch and German, and on my mother’s side, she has some Potawatomi and Ottawa Indian in her.”

Lautner hails from the Anishinaabe peoples of Native America. 

Lautner’s parents supported his dreams and encouraged him to enjoy his success while it lasted

Taylor found his way to acting through his first love, karate. At one tournament, he met actor Mike Chat, who connected him with an agent. 

Due to the time difference between Michigan and California, the agent would call at odd times. Flying to California wasn’t a problem, as Daniel worked as a pilot for Midwest Airlines. 

“Then we decided, ‘This is insane,’” Taylor told MLive. “We can’t keep on doing this.” The family decided to move to LA for a month, and on the last day of their stay, Taylor received a call-back. One month turned to six, and six to a permanent stay.

Taylor’s parents tried to give Lautner as normal a childhood as possible. “We’re trying to teach him things, so that when he goes out on his own, he’ll be prepared,” Daniel said. Daniel also encouraged Taylor to enjoy his success while it lasted. 

“We had no idea what was gonna happen,” Daniel said. “We tell him ‘You have no idea what’s gonna happen tomorrow, so enjoy today. Have fun.”