32 Best Haircuts For Teenage Guys

Choosing your perfect haircut for teen boy is never easy because there is just a huge selection to decide on and pick for yourself. We know how hard that is to find the ideal haircut that will match your personality and style.

What fashionable hairstyle for teen boy is perfect for you? Let us help you find it in the following. We’ve compiled the top 32 haircuts for teenage boys, including pomp, pomp + undercut, slicked back and French crop, to name some.

Takken Inspired Cut

Takken Inspired Cut
Takken Inspired Cut (Photo by Valentin Reyes/Instagram)

Fierce, spiky and trendy, get this look for teenage boys! Have it printed and show it to your favorite hairstylist.

This look is perfect for everyday wear but definitely better with a hairstyling product for the firm hold. It stays no matter the weather outside.


Undercut (Photo by Victor Barber/Instagram)

Clean cut and ideal for secondary school students, the boy’s haircut is to achieve that boy-next-door appeal that you’re looking for. It’s easy to maintain style with a hairstyling product like gel or wax. It’s all your personal preference.

However, it might need trimming and maintenance on the edges to keep the style –prominent and stylish.

Mid Fade + High Top

Mid Fade + High Top
Mid Fade + High Top (Photo by Victor Barber/Instagram)

Long on the top and short as it gets closer to the neck, the middle fade and high top haircut is for the trendy teen that wants to get some attention from the opposite sex.

The haircut is ideal for casual and formal gatherings. To achieve the look, use a styling product like a gel or wax to get the spikes distinct of the hairstyle.

French Crop

French Crop (Photo by Victor Barber/Instagram)

This teen boy haircut appears short and with lots of corners. And why not? Who would not like a French crop top that adds volume to hair?

This haircut can be for those looking for that gorgeous summer hairstyle. It is low maintenance and does not need any hairstyling wax at all.

Mid Drop Fade + Medium Texture

Mid Drop Fade + Medium Texture
Mid Drop Fade + Medium Texture (Photo by Victor Barber/Instagram)

If you want to highlight your best assets like a prominent cheekbone or lovely eyes, you should definitely try this haircut.

The middle drop fade with a medium texture looks clean and is not high maintenance. You might want to check it out if you’re looking for a new haircut.

Slicked Back

Slicked Back (Photo by Gabriel Soares/Instagram)

The perfect student haircut that is wash-and-wear. With it, you will not get a bad hair day because it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t need frequent styling at all.

If you’re looking for a clean and simple haircut that doesn’t need regular maintenance, you might want to check out this haircut.

Medium Length Cut

Medium Length Cut (Photo by Gabriel Soares/Instagram)

Teens love to experiment on different things like on what they wear or how they style their hair. This medium length hairstyle is a favorite among them.

They never miss on great haircuts that look trendy yet don’t take a lot of time to style. But if you want this look, you should get regular trimmings for it.

Classic Quiff

Classic Quiff (Photo by Gabriel Soares/Instagram)

The classic quiff never goes out of style and is easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about styling it at all or think about not being able to flaunt it on a special occasion.

There are days when you could go without hairstyling products and others when you could experiment on the style you want.

Big Wavy Crop

Big Wavy Crop (Photo by Chris Jones/Instagram)

Check out this big wavy crop if you’re looking for a new hairstyle that you can flaunt on any occasion. It is what you want if you’re in a hot climate, too, because it’s really short close to the neck.

The wavy crop can be yours if you have a thick or wavy hair. It can add illusion of volume that makes your hair looking thicker.

Classic Pomp

Classic Pomp
Classic Pomp (Photo by Radu Vitca/Instagram)

The classic pomp is still in! It’s trendy, fashionable and ideal for those with naturally thick hair. It can be yours if you love a pomp style or if you got tired of common haircuts.

The haircut can truly appeal to the senses because not all teenage boys have naturally thick hair or are experimental enough to try a new haircut. For the best results, use your favorite hairstyling products for that shine and hold.

Skin Fade

Skin Fade (Photo by Radu Vitca/Instagram)

You can check out the fade if you’re the stylish teenager that wants a new style! This haircut will surely make you stand out in the campus because it is a clean cut that you can also choose if you’re in a hot climate area.

Print out the style, get the look, and show it to your favorite barber. Steal the look and be ready to flaunt a new haircut that will sure turn heads at campus.

Sharp Fade + Spike Top

Sharp Fade + Spike Top (Photo by Radu Vitca/Instagram)

The sharp fade with a spike top haircut is another recommendation for teen boy hairstyles. It is not too long on top and not too short on the edges. For added shine, you can use a hairstyling product like a hair polish or gel.

You might want to get the look for a summer haircut. With it, you’re sure to capture the attention of your peers and the opposite sex because it is stylish.

Short Spiky

Short Spiky
Short Spiky (Photo by Victor Lomas/Instagram)

The short spiky haircut for teens is versatile because it suits an everyday look and works even for special occasions.

It is for teenage boys that want a new haircut to flaunt for the new school year or summer. The short spiky hairstyle is yours if you also want a versatile haircut that you can creatively style in a way you prefer.

Afro Hair + Line Up

Afro Hair + Line Up
Afro Hair + Line Up (Photo by Victor Lomas/Instagram)

Afro hairstyles don’t run out of fashion and style. It remains a top choice for those with naturally kinky hair.

Do you want to achieve this look? Go ahead and print this out so that your barber will have an inspiration.


Pomp (Photo by Juan/Instagram)

The pomp is yours for a classy and trendy haircut for teens.

But while it looks appealing and new for some, do note that it might need a bit of styling with your favorite products to achieve the styled top.

Elegant Natural Cut

Elegant Natural Cut (Photo by Antonio Mateo/Instagram)

The natural cut reminds me of a teenage boy that wants a laid back and relaxed kind of life.

Wear it in school or any function. It reflects simplicity, yet it doesn’t lack appeal.

Classic Spiky

Classic Spiky
Classic Spiky (Photo by Micky Graham/Instagram)

The classic and spiky hairstyle is trendy, yet it doesn’t lack a timeless appeal.

You might want to check it out if you want a different twist for your spiky hairstyle.

360 Waves

360 Waves
360 Waves (Photo by Tre D/Instagram)

The 360 waves are ideal for those with a distinctly round face. It has many rooms for experimentation, as you’d notice in the layers all over it.

This well-rounded hairstyle is yours for a less maintenance cut that doesn’t require spending on hairstyling products.

Simple Crop for very straight hair + Purple Hues

Simple Crop for very straight hair + Purple Hues
Purple Hues (Photo by Tom Baxter/Instagram)

Teenage boys that want a bolder and fiercer look might want this hairstyle with a little twist!

The crop haircut for straight haired men is yours if you want a different take on the classic crop. Purple isn’t your only color of choice because you can try green or blue – it all depends on you.

Classic Crop

Classic Crop
Classic Crop (Photo by Tom Baxter/Instagram)

Do you want a classic black crop? Try the timeless haircut that can highlight your best asset like your eyes or eyebrows just like this model in the picture.

You might want to check it out yourself. Go ahead and show it to your barber now!

Spike + Part

Spike + Part (Photo by Tom Baxter/Instagram)

Regardless of your hair color, you can try the spike plus part, which adds style and appeal to the haircut.

If you’re looking for a trendy looking hairstyle that’s also versatile for a messy look, you can get this look!

Shape Fade + Crop Spike

Shape Fade + Crop Spike
Shape Fade + Crop Spike (Photo by Reyes/Instagram)

The shape fade hairstyle is your special haircut for your graduation. It might take a bit of time for achieving the crop spike look, but it can be worth it.

Pomp + Fade

Pomp + Fade (Photo by marcony/Instagram)

The pomp with fade is a gorgeous hairstyle that that can also highlight your best assets because it provides an opportunity to flaunt your eyes, lashes and eyebrows.

Steal the look! Show it to your barber and get this style now. It might be your next favorite hairstyle. Who knows?


Braid (Photo by juju braids/Instagram)

This way or that way, the braid hairstyle can give you the opportunity to flaunt your kind of style.

The braid style is timeless and classic and doesn’t need a hairstyling product at all. You might want to check it out for yourself today!

Classic Undercut

Classic Undercut
Classic Undercut (Photo by tote/Instagram)

The undercut doesn’t fade in style because it is a favorite among teenage boys looking for a new hairstyle other than their traditional bob or crop.

The classic undercut fits all hair textures and thickness. Even those with thin hair can go for this style because it can add a volume illusion, too.

Medium Spiky Cut

Medium Spiky Cut
Medium Spiky Cut (Photo by Javier/Instagram)

The medium spiky cut is the hairstyle for boys that want a wash-and-wear haircut for daily wear.

You can achieve this simple look with or without the use of different hairstyling products. For a suggestion, you can also have some highlights on the hairstyle.

Cool Clean Fade

Clean Fade (Photo by Javier/Instagram)

This cool and clean fade is for you if you’re looking for a minimalist haircut that does not require the use of much pomade, wax or gel.

You can get this look without any hassle at all. In fact, you have the option to experiment on it. Do a side part or have a spiky top on it. The choice is yours!

Pomp Undercut

Pomp Undercut
Pomp Undercut (Photo by Javier/Instagram)

A major twist on the traditional undercut and pomp that you can achieve with the help of an expert barber. The pomp and undercut both give and add that volume of illusion for an amazing haircut.

To keep the look, you should visit your barber once in a while for regular shaping and trimming if you want to keep the pomp with undercut.

Shout-side Fade

Shout-side Fade (Photo by Javier/Instagram)

This fade hairstyle is easy to achieve and keep. In fact, it doesn’t need any combing or styling. Just wash and wear the style and get the look.

This haircut reminds me of someone saying, “I am busy.” The shout-out fade isn’t also a typical daily wear haircut because it is versatile even for special occasions.

If you want to get the look, you can just tell your hairstylist you want this fade haircut.

Comb Side Part

Comb Side Part (Photo by Javier/Instagram)

Do you want your teenager to have that clean-looking and simple styled haircut? Try the comb side part for him.

It is the side part to help in flaunting and highlighting his best assets like his eyes and nose. It looks neat and innocent, too, so you might want to check it out if you envision the same for your boy.

Hard Part

Hard Part
Hard Part (Photo by YEHI/Instagram)

The hard part looks simply rebellious and confident. It’s not the traditional part that we know because it’s rather more expressive and distinct.

You’d see that line going across the head while keeping the haircut asked for. As you can see, the hard part complements whatever haircut you want to achieve.

Design Part

Design Part
Design Part (Photo by XHRIS/Instagram)

The design part is becoming a trend among teenagers that want to try a new hairstyle that can show their creative side and love for fashion.

Based on your personal preference, you can experiment and try on different designs. In fact, some barbers we know already have ready templates for your inspiration.

In this case, the design is very distinct that it highlights the uniqueness of the haircut. Not to mention, the spikes are really cool.

There you have the top 32 teenage boy hairstyles for your inspiration. They’re stylish, trendy and easy to maintain.

Nevertheless, you can pick the perfect haircut that suits your personality and style. For sure, there is one on this list to suit the purpose.

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