Tiffani Faison and ex-wife’s relationship: Their divorce detailed

Tiffani Faison first rose to fame as one of the finalists during the first season of Top Chef. She lost to Harold Dieterle but used the experience as a stepping stone to success in the culinary industry. Faison has appeared in several cooking shows, where she often impresses judges and audiences with her skill. 

Her company, Big Heart Hospitality, owns several restaurants, including Bubble Bath, Fool’s Errand, and Tiger Mama.

Faison recently defeated Brooke Williamson to claim the Tournaments of Champions crown in season three of the series. Her win, though spectacular, wasn’t surprising. Nevertheless, it got people talking as Tiffani announced that she’d divorced her ex-wife Kelly Walsh. 

Tiffani’s ex-wife Kelly Walsh brought order to her chaotic life

Kelly Walsh had no idea that Tiffani was a famous chef when the pair met in Boston in 2007, which was a relief for Tiffani as she’d crafted a complicated persona onscreen. 

Tiffani drew Walsh in her sense of humor and quick wit; they bonded over their military dads and love for the culinary industry. Walsh had a business degree and was a culinary school graduate. 

The duo’s contrasting personalities complemented each other: Kelly’s calmness and pragmatism tamed Tiffani’s erratic nature and hot-headedness; Walsh helped steady Tiffani’s passion and creativity. She told Boston Magazine:

“She takes such good care of me. I have a freedom in my life I’ve never had, because my stupid bills are paid. All the things I didn’t make a priority in my life, she’s made a priority for both of us. She provides me foundation and structure.”

It’s unclear when Tiffani and Kelly married as they kept the intimate details of their relationship private. 

Faison struggled with her divorce during the 2020 pandemic

The hospitality industry suffered a lot under the pandemic rules, prompting Tiffani to find ways to mitigate her losses. Unfortunately, her relationship with Walsh, her long-time partner and Big Heart’s director of operations, crumbled in 2020. 

Faison would have benefited from Walsh’s help during the trying time. Instead, she had to deal with the crisis while negotiating the couple’s divorce.  

“I’m going through a divorce; I’m in the middle of like figuring out how to run the company in different ways that feel more sustainable and smarter and better,” Faison told Boston Magazine. “I’ve taken a lot of time to think about that.”