Who are the Merrell Twins dating? A look at their dating life

Veronica Merrell and Vanessa Merrell are identical twin sisters professionally known as The Merrell Twins. The Missouri natives started their YouTube channel in 2009, with their father serving as editor and producer on their content. The duo’s channel has grown steadily over the past decade, and it currently has 5.81 million subscribers.

The Merrell Twins also make a lot of content for AwesomenessTV. Their infectious, bubbly personalities combined with their creativity constantly attract people to the content they create. The pair’s social media exploits have led to opportunities in Hollywood. The Twins’ most popular roles came in five episodes of Jane the Virgin.

This piece will look at The Merrell Twins’ dating life. Vanessa is single while Veronica is in a relationship with Aaron Burriss.

Christian Seavey won Vanessa’s heart in the reality show Twin my Heart but it’s unclear whether the couple dated

In 2019, Veronica and Vanessa filmed a reality show titled Twin My Heart. The aim of the Bachelorette style series was to match Vanessa with an ideal boyfriend. In the tense final moments of the finale, Vanessa faced a choice between Christian Seavey and Brandon Woelfel. Much to the disappointment of Brandon, Vanessa chose Christian.

On 19th November 2019, AwesomenessTV posted a tell-all video featuring Vanessa and Christian. The couply duo were all smiles and blushes as they talked about their relationship. Christian offered the following reply to a question relating to his attraction to Vanessa:

“My favorite thing about you, I mean I said it on the show. The thing struck me first is just the positivity. You are always smiling, you are always looking for the good parts of the day and stuff like that, which is something I love to do. I was kind off drawn to it.”

The couple then caused confusion when they confessed that they were only friends. Frustrated fans flooded the comments section lamenting about the fact that Vanessa and Christian had undeniable chemistry and yet they seemed reluctant to get into a relationship.

It seems like nothing transpired between the pair as in early 2020, rumors started about a relationship between Bryce Hall and Vanessa Merrell. The rumors turned out to be false as there was little evidence to support them.

Veronica and YouTuber Aaron Burriss have been dating since late 2017

Unlike her twin Vanessa, Veronica has experienced greater success in the love department. She and Aaron Burriss have been dating since late 2017. In a video posted on 13th December 2017, Veronica confirmed her relationship with Aaron: “I like him, okay? I like him. Technically he’s not my boyfriend, but we’re going that path.”

Veronica and Aaron have been together for close to three years, and their relationship seems to be as strong as ever. Merrell attached the following caption alongside a recently posted series of Instagram photos of herself alongside Aaron: “Be someone who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow.”