Who is Deepti dating now? She hasn’t reconciled with Shake

Deepti Vempati and Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee didn’t click at first. Nevertheless, they got engaged; for a while, it seemed like the right decision. They fell for each other’s adventurous sides and got along well. The once-incompatible couple seemed destined for a happy marriage until Shake started expressing his dissatisfaction with his bride-to-be. 

At the altar, Deepti said no to Shake, citing his lack of commitment. “I deserve somebody who knows for sure,” Vempati said. “So I’m choosing myself, and I’m going to say no.” Love is Blind viewers agreed that Deepti made the right decision dumping Shake. 

Deepti is currently single and has cut ties with Shake

Deepti appears to be single. However, a recent rumor linked her with fellow Love is Blind castmate, Salvador Perez.

Salvador and Deepti left the show single, potentially opening up an avenue for them to date. Deepti reportedly shared a photo of the pair wearing matching white blazers during a trip to Las Vegas. The post featured the hashtag ‘unShakeable vibes,’ a veiled dig at Deepti’s ex Shake. 

Deepti also posted a photo of her and Sal on the Love is Blind wedding chapel. The pair held champagne and the show’s iconic gold glasses. Two photos are hardly evidence of a relationship, but the news has some fans excited. We should learn more during the Love is Blind reunion. 

Rumors of reconciliation between Deepti and Shake are false. Don’t let Shake’s constant Instagram posts featuring Deepti fool you – the pair haven’t gotten back together. 

In early March 2022, Deepti said on The Viall Files podcast that she hoped to remain friends with Shake after filming ended, but his obnoxious character forced her to stay away. Per Deepti, Shake constantly seemed to have an issue with someone in the room. 

Furthermore, he openly discussed his dating life in front of his ex-fiancée. “He was very outward about his dating, and we had just ended this engagement,” she said. 

After the episodes aired on Netflix, Deepti was astounded by the extent of Shake’s badmouthing. She suspected that he talked about her to other contestants but didn’t expect his words to be so vile and widespread. 

Shake called her to rant about his portrayal in the show but never once apologized. “And right now, he still hasn’t apologized to me personally or to my family,” Deepti said. “The first thing in admitting you made a mistake is maybe apologizing to the person you fucked with.”

Deepti affirmed that Shake’s social media posts are deceiving. “He’s kinda insinuating on social media that we’re amicable,” Deepti said. “It solidifies my approach of leaving him alone and letting him live his life is the best choice I ever made.”

Deepti’s family referred to Shake as a clown and urged Deepti to forget him

Deepti told BuzzFeed that she and Shake discussed how they could solve their weak physical intimacy. She said she felt like Shake wasn’t putting enough effort into finding a solution. At that point, Deepti resolved to end the relationship. 

“I had the epiphany that like, ‘Why am I trying to prove to this person to see me? I’m done trying, I’m over this. I just need to move forward and figure out what I want — instead of trying to figure out why he doesn’t want me, do I even want him?’”

Vempati didn’t know that Shake talked about their issues to other contestants until she watched the show. Shake once told another castmate that she viewed Deepti as someone like a family member – such was his level of unattraction to her. 

Deepti later learned that he said more, but the scenes didn’t appear in the final edit. She told BuzzFeed: “But to watch it back and see how he did it — it was kind of like, ‘Oh, look at me, I’m this cool dude that’s just gonna talk shit about you to my friends.’ You don’t talk about somebody who is your fiancé, let alone a best friend — or even just a real friend — that way.”

Vempati said that Shake’s statements deeply impacted her family. Deepti’s brother and sister-in-law leaped to her defense via an impassioned Instagram post. The post referred to Shake as a childish clown and praised Deepti for handling the situation with grace. 

The statement read: “Deepu, we are SO incredibly proud of you!!! We’ve witnessed you grow into such an incredible and beautiful woman; you’ve inspired so many people to realize their self-worth and demand what they deserve and settle for nothing less.”

“Shake, ‘bruh, you are a loser. Good luck with the rest of your life; and stay the fuck away from my sister.” 

Shake has refused to apologize for his role in the saga. “One thing I don’t feel inclined to do is pretend I’m sad or sorry about certain things that were out of my control, certain things that I can’t necessarily even speak about,” Shake revealed via Instagram.