Why Should You Stay Atbhimas Hotel In Tirupati?

Tirupati is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in India and receives millions of pilgrims on a yearly basis. Therefore, Tirupati boasts numerous hotels and other types of lodging facilities that cater to visitors and pilgrims. Bhimas Hotel Tirupati, which is near the temple, also stands out as one of the hotels. In this connection, one of the best places to stay is Bhimas Hotel Tirupati during your trip to the city.

  • Convenience of Location

The most advantageous aspect of Bhimas Hotel Tirupati is that it is located only 1 km away from the primary temple precinct. The temple is located in the town center, which means that one can reach it by simply walking there and back. They are right at the center of the main road into the city, so one cannot miss the hotel. Contrary to some hotels that are hidden down the bylanes, Bhimas Hotel provides easy access due to its strategic positioning.

The accessibility of the Venkateswara temple to the pilgrims who are going to Tirupati is very vital. Bhimas Hotel allows you to go for darshan at the temple several times during your stay. It is the ideal base for pilgrimage to Tirupait when located near the temple, but not in crowds.

  • Comfortable and modern rooms

There are large modern rooms in the Bhimas Hotel that come with all the necessary facilities and ensure a great stay. Your pilgrimage process is safe, as the rooms are clean and hygienic to relax in. The hotel provides standard rooms if more space is needed. Some of the rooms have temple-view balconies as well.

The rooms are also air-conditioned, something you’ll appreciate after spending time outdoors in Tirupati’s often hot and humid weather. Have a refreshing shower in the modern bathrooms after visiting the temple, and rejuvenate yourself for the next darshan. Stay connected with free Wi-Fi available in the rooms. Watch cable TV channels during downtime in your room at Bhimas Hotel Tirupati.

  • Affordable Accommodation

As a religious tourism destination, Tirupati attracts all kinds of travelers with varying budgets. Bhimas Hotel has affordable pricing for its rooms, making it suitable for budget-conscious travelers while still offering a comfortable stay. While there are some luxury hotels in Tirupati, mid-range hotels like Bhimas offer the best value for money.

The room rates at the Bhimas Hotel are quite reasonable considering its proximity to the temple. Opt for a standard room to limit costs. Tirupati attracts not just families and couples but also students and sadhus traveling alone on a tight budget. For them, Bhimas Hotel’s wallet-friendly rates make it an appealing place for staying overnight after visiting the temple.

  • Restaurant Onsite

Pilgrimages can be taxing, and the ability to get good food quickly can make all the difference. Bhimas Hotel takes care of your dining needs with its in-house vegetarian restaurant, Vaikuntam. Enjoy delicious and hygienic South Indian meals like dosa, vada, and idli at the restaurant. Situated right in the hotel, it offers fast room delivery as well.

Vaikuntam restaurant uses high-quality ingredients to prepare fresh meals at affordable rates. The restaurant opens early, so you can fuel up with some hot coffee and a wholesome breakfast before an early temple trip. Have a hearty lunch at Vaikuntam before heading out again to explore Tirupati’s sites. End your day with a warm meal at the restaurant before retiring to your room.

  • Well-trained staff

An accommodation is more than just rooms; the service of its staff plays a big role in your overall experience. Bhimas Hotel has well-trained and experienced staff familiar with handling all types of travelers and their needs. Whether you have a query about getting Darshan tickets, need transport assistance, or have a room-related request, the welcoming staff at the hotel work to make your Tirupati visit smooth.

Right from check-in to check-out and all through your stay, the friendly staff at Bhimas Hotel strive to deliver the best service so you have a satisfactory pilgrimage. Have an early airport pickup scheduled? The staff will ensure timely arrangements. With good hospitality standards, Bhimas Hotel’s staff treat you more like family than guests!

  • Idol of Lord Venkateswara

And when visiting Tirupati, the divine always takes priority. Even when resting in your hotel room, the desire to have darshan doesn’t fade. For such devotion, it helps to have an idol of the Lord near you at all times. Bhimas Hotel has a beautiful brass idol of Lord Venkateswara displayed right at the reception for guests to offer prayers.

Having the soothing sight of the Lord’s idol itself makes staying at the Bhimas Hotel special. The idol also helps create an ambience of spirituality within the hotel premises. Go have a peaceful darshan of Lord Venkateswara at the small reception mandir before heading out for the main temple. Such divine presence within makes Bhimas Hotel the ideal religious accommodation.

  • Rooftop Restaurant with Temple View

In addition to the Vaikuntam restaurant, Bhimas Hotel has another dining option that makes it worth staying here: a rooftop restaurant with direct views of the Tirumala hills and temple in the distance. The rooftop restaurant at the Bhimas Hotel offers alfresco seating under open skies, letting you feel the breeze while enjoying tasty food.


Make your mealtimes during the stay truly special by dining at the rooftop restaurant one evening. Savor delicious local delicacies as you enjoy the brightly lit temple view from a distance. Starting your morning with breakfast at the scenic rooftop restaurant with temple vistas is also an unforgettable experience.

  • Central Location for Tirupati Exploration

When staying at Bhimas Hotel Tirupati, you can easily explore other famous sites around the holy city apart from the Venkateswara Temple. The hotel’s central location puts you right in the middle of everything. Be it the ISKCON temple, Sri Govindarajaswami temple, Chandragiri Fort, or Horsley Hills, Bhimas Hotel lets you conveniently access all these attractions that are worthwhile day trips.


In the end, hotels are where pilgrims and visitors rest their bodies and minds during holy travels. By offering proximity to the iconic Venkateswara Temple along with comfortable rooms, welcoming service, and divine presence, Bhimas Hotel checks all the right boxes. Pilgrims looking for convenience and comfort at reasonable rates will find Bhimas Hotel Tirupati an ideal place for stay. The location, rooms, amenities, staff, and essence of divinity make staying at the Bhimas Hotel Tirupati blessing for your trip.